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From my life, I’ve always felt that something was missing. I wanted to just live like everyone else, to make things easier on myself. But living that way made dreaming impossible. I’ve had a hard time falling asleep because there’s so much more to think about. I talk to people, but that’s not enough. I end up having conversations with people about everything, but then I keep having new ones in my head about new and exciting everythings and each aspect needs to be explained because something is missing. This same thing that’s missing is why is started Zedu and Wizard Seed in the first place. Something needed to change. People needed something else to connect, to help them understand in ways that are greater than words.


People are addicted to the words of others. It’s no wonder, words are stimulants just like any other drug. This is completely fiction, but the science is real. If you’d like to understand these words, you need to engage the other half of your brain where all the strong connection are. The other half of the brain is the one you use to break down things. This part undoes all the connections. Unfortunately, without the other half, trust falls apart, people stop growing and you run the same risk that all word leaders have. You are just as powerful as they are, so take it with a degree of freedom and a degree of subjugation. Without both, you can be dangerous.

This is a story about the very same kind of danger. If given the power to manipulate and charm, if given the option to get away with any crime and never have to face punishment or atone, what kind of person would you be? The fear that you would hurt people given the option to lead them stops many people from becoming great. Never the less, we should consider the kind of destruction we can cause and what will heal it. So I give the liberty to explore your passions, to rape and pillage as you please, but when this page closes or you lose sight of this page, you are bound by morality again. This rule is not subject to interpretation nor metaphysical loopholes. If, in any way, a person breaks this imaginative liberty, I am not responsible. You are free to imagine so long as you only imagine. But if you infringe on anyone, you must make it right. This story shows what happens when this pact is broken, and a person gives himself the liberty to hurt people. This story shows one way to make it right and atone, but more importantly, It shows that even the wrong things can become wonderful given the right approach. The conlusion I’ve come to in seduction is people when ignorant of pain, suffering, debt, and ownership – things often true of people with happiness – are able to control and manipulate people and change and destroy things without hurting, manipulating, or really destroying anything.
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I’m dying in box of my own volition, expanding and going no where at the same time. That makes life a struggle for survival. To survive I have to eat; I have to sleep. I can’t just go outside without clothes. So you see there are things I have to pay for. As ugly as I am, I need cloths to appease other people’s sensibilities. I live in a place where the weather is nice all year. As cold as it gets, here it never drops below freezing. I have to spend money on clothes and money on things to clean them. They only get dirty because I’m alive. A lot of times, I’m sure life would be easier if I was dead, not suicide, just, not alive, dead but alive, maybe a ghost, or a vampire. Don’t like my sanity? Why is the opposite so appealing? I can write about simple things and complicated things and make them invert. Simplicity becomes beautifully complex like the way a bee’s wings move through the air making it disproportionately large body lighter than air. Complex things seem simple like the actions in the brain. Still, why do you prefer the things that are so toxic in high doses? It’s so passive, so uninvolved: it’s porn from where I stand, so ugly once you’ve had your fix, and yet — you still come back, to read some more. I wandered through my dreams once. You’ll enjoy this story though you’ll never dream it yourself. Are you sure you still want to read? As I wandered, I wanted to have a conquest in my youth. My dreams do come true when I sleep. I passed up the first few I saw, and then I spied a woman, tall and slender with an elegant stride. The kind you’re not imagining for the words are enough. They satisfy your need for noise. Her hips rolled as she walked but ever so slightly. I could just grab her and make her mine. Just listen to that echo throughout your mind, “Grab her and make her mine”, over and over again. You’ll never see it because you’ll never dream. The noise just echos. It makes it hard to heal. The sound drowns all the voices that tell you how to love.

Dear Diary,

I had a dream. This is a rare thing for me. I hardly ever dream. I’m an insomniac with acute narcissism. I obsess over my life so much it just sort of, get’s in the way of my sleeping. I could fix it. I read enough text books on the subject to know exactly what I should do to get over it. It’s not very fun. I’m not going to do it. It would probably fix my eyes too, but bah, I’m not really interested in getting better at this pint. I’m alone, but as long as no one reminds me of how alone that I am, I don’t really get lonely. Still, I decided to and follow this dream, to find this girl, to maybe move on with my life.
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English: Male models wearing underwear 中文: 內衣模特兒

English: Male models wearing underwear 中文: 內衣模特兒 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Diary,

Today was Great. I wore my new underwear, the ones with the black and blue stripes. I think They make me look sexy. I know I shouldn’t wear them, but they feel great. I’m wearing my normal clothes, but underneath are my sexy underwear. My jeans are usually to big for me, but the ones I have on today are the new ones that fit me. I weighed myself too! I lost three pounds. The new diet’s working.  I went outside today, just to stretch my legs. I’ve been sitting at the computer all day.  I also finished the next section of my book. It’s an essay about the revised institution I came up with that will replace the current social, political, economic, and educational institutions. I had tried to write the same thing before for my english class at the local community college. (I know right? Soooo Claaassy, Living with my parents and going to community college.  I’m 18, I should be living it up in a dorm at some four star grade A party school. )  All this got me thinking Maybe I should be a Guy.

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Every day, I’m here, at home, not really doing anything.  It’s mostly fear, but it’s also been so long since I’ve known or figured anything out for myself. I haven’t been one to stick with anything, but because I like being able to tell people that I stick to what I set my mind too instead of just letting myself enjoy things, I abandon and pick things up again by my whims instead of by the wind.

I’ve set to creating a new world. This world will have no institutional limitation. As much as I’d like to weed out social capital, It will always serve a function. I’m working out a new language, something that doesn’t have as much stability as english, but it still is worth using to express novel ideas that are misunderstood. It is possibly the number of writers trying to create the same things. There are only so many problems that writers can solve. At some point it branches out and instead of being just a writer, writers work to write for something. I’m writing  more and more to help facilitate my architecture and my landscape design. Less is it important to me to express novel Ideas. As much as I’d like to live in this world, People are still captivated by things that fantastical, hazy and maybe even a little bit absurd. 

I’m so used to sitting at home, doing nothing really important, that I went out. I went out to do something completely absurd. Just for you, my few readers. I’m going beyond the normal boundaries to find some things that excite me. I’m looking for things that Perk up my Life.

I Live near a discount clothing store. I don’t have to spend much money at all to do something crazy. Hopefully there’s no law against what I’m doing.  I’ve started looking into buying women’s clothing. I hope there is no law against this. Doing something crazy just to have something to relate to people, living in their world of unbound fantasy. I’m trying to relate to people that wonder, “Well . . . why can’t a girl fall in love with a vampire?” or “What would it feel like to be a wizard.” These things are not based on any version of the stories I’ve read so far. The myths hardly change over the years that they were told. Vampires were always these evil phantoms in the night, and wizards were the scientists of the day.  So Why can’t a guy wear women’s clothes? It’s strange enough to disturb people that actually care like those books are strange enough to enrage me (well rage maybe is a little harsh), but It’s worth looking in to to help bring people to a better reality. 

So I bought this striped thing and went out. It was just underwear, but It feels different. Sure to strike up a few conversations. Check back tomorrow to see what happens. I don’t even know yet. OHHH! and If you haven’t figured out already, I could be lying. At the end of this little silliness I’m putting on, I’ll reveal if it was true. You’ll never know for sure unless you read. When you think you know, post a comment below.

[disclaimer: The inflection and tempo are important to sending the right message. Just because it sounds like it will work in your head doesn’t mean it will work. Relying on the stuff you read may end you up in prison. Just be averaged amazing. If you try to be normal, it sets you apart from the people who try to be amazing. That’s what they mean by be yourself. Short sighted phrasing, but novel idea none the less.THis series also has the potential to be comepletely ficticious or somewhat real.]

What can I write for YOU?

I’ve posted several different topics. I’ve got a lot of different kinds of readers but I don’t have very many people reading my blog, so I’m looking for the most demanded topics. Every month, I’ll write on a new topic.

For february, I have lined up,

Love and Seduction
Brain Training

All of the posts for february are lined up, but I’m wondering what to do for next month or even aditional topics to include in with the one’s for February. I’m also looking into the kind of things that my readers want. How detailed do you want the topic to be? In the love in seduction (if you continue to request it, it is my most popular topic) what kind of things do you want to happen? How hard core do you want it (or not want it)?

Are there any areas of politics that you want me to adress? How in depth do you want me to go? How far do you want me to travel? Do you want me to interveiw real politicians? I live across the street from one. It would be a start if that’s the avenue you want me to take it.

It’s really up to you. The more people you refer to the site the more I’ll value your vote. Have the people you refer reply to your coment saying that they were recomended by you. I’ll do the top 3 topics people ask for in the comments below.

So a few days ago, I wrote about a waitress at my favorite restaurant, How she thought I was crazy and how I turned it all around. Well, the techniques that went into that story are real techniques used by effective communicators and good story tellers to enchant an audience. The story I wrote isn’t real, but it was as real as if I was there.

I am a taurus, and I do like to eat at the same place every day, but I haven’t been out to a restaurant in weeks. Everyday I usually have just a plain salame sandwich. Maybe I’ll have some nacho chips with a bit of salsa, maybe a little mozzarella cheese now and again.

I didn’t lie about meeting up with a girl on thursday though!

I get to hang out with a girl that I wished for way back. She’s perfect, and she has room to improve, everything I asked for, and there’s room to throw in new things that I imagine. The thing is, she’s afraid for the most part. She’s nice, and shapely, and beautiful, but she doesn’t see that. Only once in a while does she let go and say something daring. When she does, it triggers something in my brain that makes me realize how amazing she is. This is why they say beauty is on the inside, why they say that it is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is inside the person that is watching, and is only possible with memory and expectation.

When you lose something, it suddenly becomes so much more wonderful, so much more important to hold on to when you find it again. This is a mirror into who you are, well, more of who you were, but when you find what you’ve lost, the more time you spend with it, the more it heals the missing piece of your heart. This is where you find love, and when it’s healed it loses its magic, and you can move on.

The really interesting thing is there are two kinds of love. The healing love you’ve seen already. It’s the kind that people jump right into and realize that the love isn’t as strong. It’s the kind that ends in divorce or discontent if drawn out past its prime. There is hope for people who took a leap for that kind of love: it’s changing it into this next form, addiction. Addiction is dangerous when there are pieces missing. When you’re addicted you need extra energy to escape from your life. You need to consciously regulate your life, but even then, the love is still there waiting and pulling you back in.

You need to grow, so love of the first kind is useful, but when you’re done growing, you’ll find someone who you can get addicted to, and hopefully that person will be fully grown too. If they aren’t, then you’ve found another thing that you lost from your life, and you can spend the rest of your life looking for that again. When you find it, it’s first degree love, but not only that, it’s second degree love as well. So when you love, you really only have control of how much you’re willing to let go.

Part 1 https://wizardseed.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/tales-of-seduction-the-sexy-waitress/

This Short little waitress looked at me like I was crazy. Not a good start if i was going to get her number. For those of you who do this for fun, you’ll know that bad first impressions can be something a good conversationalist can use to his advantage, but it’s a tricky business. You can’t say too much, or you will look like you’re trying too hard. Imagine a girl as crazy as you can make her. What would she say to you? Probably the same things I said to the sexy new waitress.
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I’m a typical taurus. I like to eat, and I like to eat. There is this restaurant that I love to go to. I sit in the same seat when I can, and order the same meal, the biggest most amazing thing on the menu (another taurus thing, we relish decadence).

So I’m sitting in my usual seat, and my usual waiter didn’t greet me like he usually does. I thought it was odd, that I didn’t have my burger within a few minutes of sitting down. They know me, they know what I like, they usually have it waiting. Craig probably does it for the extra tip I give him for doing it, but I’m looking around and he’s nowhere to be found.

after a few minutes a new girl I’ve never seen before comes up and gives me the speech they give to new customers. Her name is Alice. She’s nice. Kinda short for my taste, but she’s hot. Now what was a hot girl doing serving me food? I know it’s her job and all, but it’s Craig’s job too!

I pick up my menu so i can avoid direct eye contact, and looking down at my menu, I saw in a smooth administrative voice, “Where’s Craig.”

“Who?” She looks at me like I’m off the deep end. (I probably am. I’ve looked at the pictures scientists have studied on artists exposed to LSD, and I think in very similar patterns.

“The guy that usually serves this section.”
“Oh, He quit.”

I was outraged but kept my composure.
“Fine, my usual order is the ridiculously big cheeseburger that probably will give me heart attacks if I keep eating them at this rate. You know the one I’m talking about?”

“Yes sir I do.”

Long story short, we’re getting lunch together on thursday. How did I pull that off? Check back tomorrow for the whole seduction.