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From my life, I’ve always felt that something was missing. I wanted to just live like everyone else, to make things easier on myself. But living that way made dreaming impossible. I’ve had a hard time falling asleep because there’s so much more to think about. I talk to people, but that’s not enough. I end up having conversations with people about everything, but then I keep having new ones in my head about new and exciting everythings and each aspect needs to be explained because something is missing. This same thing that’s missing is why is started Zedu and Wizard Seed in the first place. Something needed to change. People needed something else to connect, to help them understand in ways that are greater than words.


People are addicted to the words of others. It’s no wonder, words are stimulants just like any other drug. This is completely fiction, but the science is real. If you’d like to understand these words, you need to engage the other half of your brain where all the strong connection are. The other half of the brain is the one you use to break down things. This part undoes all the connections. Unfortunately, without the other half, trust falls apart, people stop growing and you run the same risk that all word leaders have. You are just as powerful as they are, so take it with a degree of freedom and a degree of subjugation. Without both, you can be dangerous.

This is a story about the very same kind of danger. If given the power to manipulate and charm, if given the option to get away with any crime and never have to face punishment or atone, what kind of person would you be? The fear that you would hurt people given the option to lead them stops many people from becoming great. Never the less, we should consider the kind of destruction we can cause and what will heal it. So I give the liberty to explore your passions, to rape and pillage as you please, but when this page closes or you lose sight of this page, you are bound by morality again. This rule is not subject to interpretation nor metaphysical loopholes. If, in any way, a person breaks this imaginative liberty, I am not responsible. You are free to imagine so long as you only imagine. But if you infringe on anyone, you must make it right. This story shows what happens when this pact is broken, and a person gives himself the liberty to hurt people. This story shows one way to make it right and atone, but more importantly, It shows that even the wrong things can become wonderful given the right approach. The conlusion I’ve come to in seduction is people when ignorant of pain, suffering, debt, and ownership – things often true of people with happiness – are able to control and manipulate people and change and destroy things without hurting, manipulating, or really destroying anything.
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You know why you make mistakes don’t you? I’d say you know less than you think you do. Challenge yourself to see more, to do more, to act in ways that bring you to the forefront of technology and science instead of listening to science as a religious word, or scripture. Schools are the reason we err. According to Kathryn Schulz to err comes from the word to move, and making mistakes really do get us going. In college I screw up. In high school, I screwed up too. These things tied me to my work and kept me going. There shouldn’t have to be so much error inherent to life to keep us going.
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The outlet of the Karlsruhe sewage treatment p...

The outlet of the Karlsruhe sewage treatment plant flows into the Alb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Noise is the opposite of clarity, created by a lack of focus or attention. by picking a detail, we can organize noise in our minds and create, in effect, music. There are sound that work well with water, and there are sounds that make water dissonant. Classical music works to form beautiful memories within the water that reveal themselves when they are frozen or inspected with a strong microscope. Research done at the aerospace institute in Struttgard, Germany reveals that water retains an imprint of everything that comes in contact with it, the more recent have the most obvious effects, but there is no indication that ancient information isn’t at least partially responsible for some of the small little imperfections (ODEwire.com). The brain needs fluids to function. Analysis of Einstein’s brain revealed that he had more capillaries than a man of average intellect (superconscious1.blogspot.com). Everyday, the brain is influenced by the water one drinks. Even water that is has been treated at a sewage treatment plant still affects the thoughts people have. Imagine bathing in chlorine and other harsh chemicals. While water is much safer than chlorine, the body still becomes associated with these harsh chemical memories.

Water ball

Water ball (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It’s equivalent to the memory of a chemical burn. That stays with you drives you. The imprint burned, seared into your flesh. The reminder is still there. What about all the fluoride, the main ingredient in both toothpaste and rat poison? People use toothpaste around water, and that leaves a toxic memory lingering in the water you drink. While there are many forms of noise, and most of them are equivalent to pollution, either of the mind, the body, the soul or the environment, from toxic water, to polluted energy fields full of extremely low-frequency waves (ELF) and microwave emissions, running scared isn’t going to change it, and it isn’t going to make it go away. The way to eliminate pollution isn’t punishing people and settling debts. We do this by imprisoning and fining people, something which before replaced hanging and public executions as the reasonable form of punishment. We can overcome pollution by giving people the choice for the reason that people deserve to feel joy by their own decisions. You may feel the need to lie or cheat or steal, but if you’re going to, do it to me. If you’re right then I’ll benefit as well. If you’re wrong, I’ll understand and give you more. This feeling of trust and sincerity opens up the path toward joy and abundance.

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I savor my freedom. It is my light. In the dark, freedom makes things, once evil, good again. But evil is not so much as it seems. You’ll see that people are always more capable than facts demonstrate. I myself have been sceptical at times, but that lead to my captivity. I give people their freedom just as I give it to myself.

The whisper that tells me what to do still lingers like a parent that will never die. I relish this power for it is greater than I. It is so great that when I ask, there is always an answer, something simple that will suffice.

The greatness this wisdom holds is hardly used well, and there is only one thing that I could tell that would lead me to even greater heights. I call upon it in my memory. If you ask me what it is, you will only know its name. The true power is in the way you play the game.

Attention is the one thing that I’ve never been very good with. Fortunately, with Zedu as a reference, I’ve finally been able to understand focus, attention, motivation, and intelligence. With this new perspective I am able to notice patterns that demonstrate a lack of motivation toward a given subject, a lack of attention, or a lack of intelligence. All these things improve with simple knowledge and application. These simple understandings are natural; however, the government is a synthetic organization that alters natural mental development. All the problems that the government exists to control are easy enough to solve should we develop more naturally, so the government is not practical.

The modern republic is an entity that assumes the right to control individuals based on the extent the people it governs oppose it. This assumed control ie enforced through violence, policing, and lawsuits. The governed must comply with these actions as long as the agencies are not violating their official oath.

This is a fine way to run an organization: the governors have to have a way of getting people to follow. But assume for a minute that I didn’t buy into the republic in which I live. The Government would still expect me to pay taxes and comply with their rules or get out. To put this reasoning into perspective, it is easier to look at a smaller version of the republic and me. Imagine Texas secedes from the union. It is no longer part of the fifty states, now forty-nine. If I was a citizen of Texas, and wanted to be a part of the United states, i would move into one the now forty-nine united states. If I was a resident of any of the other states, but didn’t enjoy living under the federal government, then I could move to Texas, now its own country. A complication arises when it is an issue of unity. It would turn into a huge problem if I was pro-union, or pro-fifty-states. It would also be a problem if i was pro-secession, or pro-texas-republic. Imagine chosing a side. I’m in direct opposition to you, and our two ideals conflict so that only one can win. The republics would use force to execute their desires. They would build up armies and start a war if there is no resolution. A second civil war, or a second revolutionary war is the result. The different names depend on which side you are. The question is, “Would you attack me to impose your ideals?”

This is the argument between Statism and Libertarianism. I claim neither, but i explore both. I expect that the government, wishing to have more capable citizens, would want to have the best method for instructing people and ensuring they develop into the most politically powerful individuals ensuring the security of the government. In a Statist Republic, I can explain how my techniques function and with proof that they work more efficiently and create more jobs, improving the economy, they would adopt my education policy. If I lived in a Libertarian America, it would be much easier because i would not have to go to the top of the clandestine government and expose them to a functioning policy, an elusive thing in a statist government because chosing a policy different from what the governors choose results in my incarceration or hefty fines depending on what laws I defy. America is not a true statist government, but there is so much red tape, that it prevents good ideas and bad ideas, leaving only old ideas.