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A bird in black and a lion in white. Rise from the mountain and roar like a hunter.

Wizard’s Guild

The Wizard’s Guild is a collaboration for intellectual entertainment and personalized emotional satisfaction. It is an intellectual society for the purpose of practicing magic, the art (the creation in congruence with emotional satisfaction) and science (the practice of methodical achievement and observational understanding as opposed to memorizing theories and practices for a test or performing someone else’s theories without them being the missing piece in your own research). Within the Wizard’s Guild we consider school, computers, and google to return emotionally weak and intellectually inconclusive results. Because the internet is not a useful tool for research, we’ve created this position. The Processor functions in accordance with “Law”, a component of language such as grammar or definition, to generate significance, in other- words, meaning or feelings. The processor works with the operator and the technician to function as a biological computer. Salary is negotiable, starting at $15 per hour. Part of the duties of the processor will be to reference the Wizard’s Guild. These references are not paid; however, they are a necessary component for generating profit within the Guild. Without this pay and or time decrease for lack of funds. With these things in mind, Processors work as independent contractors for the Wizard’s Guild. The position is open to all Members of the Wizard’s guild and is a continually expanding position. Membership in the guild is free and more processor positions will be added as membership increases. The positions is worth much more than we can pay you, but as the guild improves we will be able to pay the full value for the position. Because good computers are worth about $1000 and human equivalents are valued around $26 per hour and up, these two factors will set the standard for pay as membership increases.

Process dense information.
Utilize information to create new intellectual subject areas in accordance with supervisors’ instructions.
Cooperate with other team members to generate significance
“Decode” patterns
Follow newly generated “Law” in order to generate significance
Keep up with Guild news and gossip
Remain in a standard mental state and record deviations from this as well as the most recent pertaining “Law”.
Advocate for the Wizard’s Guild to increase membership and patronage
Processors may also be required to deal with patrons and members

Required skills
No Training or skills is a preferred skill
Punctuality (Processors must attend work or notify a supervisor prior to illness and a minimum of two weeks before vacation)
Passion for a particular subject, known or unknown hobbies required
Maintain contact with at least one friend (reference required)
Fluent in a single or multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.
Able to read or write in a single or multiple languages either in their speaking language or another one (the two do not have to coincide).
Willingness to experience moderate changes in emotion (The fluctuations will not occur outside the job).
Willingness to not know an answer, to be “stumped”
Willingness to discover the answer, to feel the “Eureka” moment.
Able to perform moderate physical activity (run or walk for up to 2 hours or equivalent)
Willingness to experience vivid dreams
Willingness to develop “psychic” powers or “perform miracles” (dependant on personal religion: religion is not a factor in the hiring process on the form the processor works in).

Optional skills and Training
College Degree
Vocational training
Multiple friends
Multiple passions or hobbies
Meditation related skills

Application Process
Submit a résumé and Essay and personal references (at least one friend. No employers or supervisor’s) by e-mail
Join the Wizard’s Guild for free by contacting a local recruiter
Members who submit an application will be considered for the position
Members with high qualification will be contacted for an interview

For the Santa Cruz Area

Please Contact Jo S. E. with a résumé, references, a Wizard’s Guild application notice and an essay addressing this topic:
The nature of Law and Feeling. This will serve in place of a cover letter but feel free to include one. For the essay a good place to start is to look at facts in law and look at how people feel about crimes they’ve committed. The best papers will not necessarily be academic. It doesn’t matter what language it is in. I will read it. If it’s in English it makes my life easier but write in the language you are most competent in. The place I started is with people closest to me. I gave them a rule or looked at a rule they did not follow and paid attention to how they felt about it. Pay specific attention the rule as an nonnegotiable consequence of facts, and any attempt to negotiate without pointing out incongruence in facts as an emotional response. Such as “this is a(n) (thing here)” “well yeah. I guess, but . . . this little thing here. It’s kind of different.” Law is an agreement between people of a culture. And meaning comes out of the differences between experiences. If your paper says those three things, you’ve addressed the prompt. As long as you stay focused and don’t stray to far from those ideas you will understand. Applicants that display adequait understanding by relating the topics to their own life with receive special consideration.

Send applications to

In the subject line put Wizard’s Guild Application.
If the e-mail is missing this, I may not see the application.

Joseph S. Edwards
Director of Hiring
Membership Coordinator
Guild Specialist

Guild Wars2


The outlet of the Karlsruhe sewage treatment p...

The outlet of the Karlsruhe sewage treatment plant flows into the Alb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Noise is the opposite of clarity, created by a lack of focus or attention. by picking a detail, we can organize noise in our minds and create, in effect, music. There are sound that work well with water, and there are sounds that make water dissonant. Classical music works to form beautiful memories within the water that reveal themselves when they are frozen or inspected with a strong microscope. Research done at the aerospace institute in Struttgard, Germany reveals that water retains an imprint of everything that comes in contact with it, the more recent have the most obvious effects, but there is no indication that ancient information isn’t at least partially responsible for some of the small little imperfections (ODEwire.com). The brain needs fluids to function. Analysis of Einstein’s brain revealed that he had more capillaries than a man of average intellect (superconscious1.blogspot.com). Everyday, the brain is influenced by the water one drinks. Even water that is has been treated at a sewage treatment plant still affects the thoughts people have. Imagine bathing in chlorine and other harsh chemicals. While water is much safer than chlorine, the body still becomes associated with these harsh chemical memories.

Water ball

Water ball (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It’s equivalent to the memory of a chemical burn. That stays with you drives you. The imprint burned, seared into your flesh. The reminder is still there. What about all the fluoride, the main ingredient in both toothpaste and rat poison? People use toothpaste around water, and that leaves a toxic memory lingering in the water you drink. While there are many forms of noise, and most of them are equivalent to pollution, either of the mind, the body, the soul or the environment, from toxic water, to polluted energy fields full of extremely low-frequency waves (ELF) and microwave emissions, running scared isn’t going to change it, and it isn’t going to make it go away. The way to eliminate pollution isn’t punishing people and settling debts. We do this by imprisoning and fining people, something which before replaced hanging and public executions as the reasonable form of punishment. We can overcome pollution by giving people the choice for the reason that people deserve to feel joy by their own decisions. You may feel the need to lie or cheat or steal, but if you’re going to, do it to me. If you’re right then I’ll benefit as well. If you’re wrong, I’ll understand and give you more. This feeling of trust and sincerity opens up the path toward joy and abundance.

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Time To Be Free

I’ve found the secretes that the mind holds. You may question where to look. That very reason draws you here. You look for clues as to how to make things better. The strange irony you fail to see is in the very name itself. I have warned that asking will yield no results. Yet, people ask anyway hoping for a simple solution. The solution itself is simple. It is not something you’ve missed. The solution is in your feelings.

You spend life anchored to your house, to your car, to your job, to your street. You hardly know why. These things are to ground you, to keep you from floating away as you grow and expand. So you’ve been here for quite some time. You haven’t yet figured it out and you’re worried about everything.

The older I get, the more I worry. The more I worry, the more I am stuck to this way of life. Thankfully, being stuck lends itself to my freedom, as it does for yours. The more stuck you are the freer you can become. Just let yourself remember the things that lend to your understanding. If you see a word, let the meaning come forth.

Finding Work In a Growing Economy

My father likes to think he’s traditional. He works hard, comes home, goes to sleep, and goes to work the next day. He likes what he is working on, but he hates the job he’s at. He hardly talks to my mother, and she’s often afraid to tell him things. Up until now, this blog has been abstract and probably a little bit strange to you. But I live a normal life just as you do. I do things that, if you followed me around, would make you realize, “Hey, this guy’s just an average guy. He’s not so strange. He’s sort of like me.”

Today, I’m still “unemployed”, and I’m looking for a job. Not very hard, because I work smarter not harder, but I’m still working on finding a job to help pay for school. I’m 18, and I surprise people when I reveal my thoughts on something. I’m a writer by nature, and I’ve learned the trade well, but the way my mind works helps me get unstuck. I’m a writer, but not once have I gotten writers block.

My dad on the other hand, is more “qualified” to work than I am. He’s worked all his life. He’s a good worker, and he keeps his life in order. On paper, he’s a great employee except for the mistake he makes on his resume that makes him over qualified. In an interview he’s learned to be straight to the point, like a newspaper headline.

The problems I had growing up came from the way my parents raised me. It is important not to blame them. This way I can move on and fix the problem, so I don’t blame my parents for their shortcomings, which they passed on to me and also my brother, but he’s a special case. Because my dad didn’t see the value in making friends nor did he have any friends, it took me right up to spring of my senior year before I learned to socialize. By that time, all the people I knew that could have gotten me a job had left for college to start the next phase in life. They stressed good grades over good friends. I had problems with both because you need good friends to take your mind off of things, to simplify your life every once in a while and to give you inspiration for future projects.

While my friends were way farther off starting their lives i was already more qualified to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do even if they were “qualified”. Today, I went down to the job center. They provide computers and internet and copiers to help people find a job. I was there to attend my orientation to a program they offer that gets unemployed professionals together to network. They have a 15% success rate, meaning that 15% of their members find jobs when they were previously unemployed. Even though I had never had a job, I had never submitted a résumé, I didn’t have the friends to network and help me find an entry-level job, I didn’t have a degree, I didn’t have certification, I was more able to produce results that these people at least twice my age, still were unable to figure out. They had everything I didn’t and yet they were unemployed.

What’s my secret? I have a map. It takes me the extent of a single problem to figure out exactly where I am, and where I should be. This is Zedu. They struggled to conform to the standards, to produce things that Job listers would like to hear. The moment I encountered my first problem, I knew I was two far in to the right side of my brain, where everything is flowing and connected, but flowing and connected is not what they’re looking for. I have the tools, acquired from exploring Zedu, I have the Cru, something I never thought I could reach, and now I’m on my way up from a working class family, to a millionaire life-style. You can join me if you sow the seed.Germinate