The wizard Seed
Simply, the concept that makes people understand magic; the relationship to the universe.

In practice, there are ways to sow the seed, more effectively germinate the bud, produce different growth patterns for different environments, control and maximize growth, and ensure the success of the next generation. I keep a journal. I post some entries almost everyday. I try and post as often as I can. Few people read what I write, but that doesn’t mean no one will someday. I’d like to have something to show someone someday.

Showing people things, building rapport, literally, “building relationship”, that is how you sow the seed. It gets people to ponder, to ask questions. You can tell people who reading and education are important to a bright future, but none of that really matters until after you’ve lost your future. Parents have wondered how to get their kids to want to go to school. If you were a parent and you wanted your kid to do something, or you had friends you wanted to do something, how would you get them to think of it themselves? There is no reason without verification.

Now we get to the heart of what magic is. The art and science of conforming events to desire or will.

I could tell you exactly how magic works, but that would rob you of the power to perform magic. Magic depends entirely on the desire of the individual. If I create school for magic, It becomes school, regulated and limited to what other people desire. This either kills the magic, or it cuts the tree from the pot. The environment is wholly able to support a relationship to the universe. There is no need to plant the seed in an artificial environment.

As for getting people to do what you want, consider one thing that people could both want and not want. Regular school, reading, writing, and math, is kind of hard to imagine a joyous connection to. It’s always been kind of boring and monotonous. We have to look else where for something to relate to. I saw an ad on YouTube about code, writing programs for computers. The ad was about something on the internet and probably classes that teach people to read and write computer language. They use very similar argument that traditional education uses. They say that it will be essential for well-paying jobs. They tell how fun it is to come up with new and exciting coding and ideas to apply those codes. They had Bill Gates, a well established computer guy, just like school ads have well established educators. They had normal people, just like those commercials for online schools and technical schools like devry or university of phoenix. They had people who achieved success like the guy who invented twitter and the guy who invented Facebook. They showed classes. They showed all these things, and said it was good it was fun, and they tried to apeal to what other people want, conforming what they wanted to what their target audience wanted.

The thing that really got to was the reference to wizardry. They said that coders would be the wizards of tomorrow. Yet, they have no idea what magic really is. If they did, they had no idea about how to go about teaching it. It would be cool to learn how to things with a computer. Magic really is just learning to speak the language of the tools around us. Computer programing is therefore a form of magic, but it suddenly becomes separate from the universe and only a subset of the universe, by this I mean, what we know becomes what people, a very small part of all the varying things in the universe that could have some kind of pattern to them, want us to think, and believing only what people teach us instead of finding things for ourself limits the magic, and limited magic, is hardly magic at all after people no longer desire to use the innovations of yesterday.

What we can see is people like to discover. Find a way to support yourself on the energy created as excess to achieving an aspiration. If you can’t or don’t see a reason to. It only ruins the concept to try to argue and reason otherwise. It limits the knowledge I have by filtering it through the experience of a person who knows very little about the answer to that problem. Soon, someone will come to you and build the relationship for you. You really need to be introduced and invited in order join. It’s not because we care. It’s just you wouldn’t be able to speak the language unless you heard it or you invented it. In the time it takes you to invent it, you’ll probably come across the opportunity to learn to speak mage. By trying to create it yourself you blind yourself to what it actually is. By searching for it, you open yourself up to false prophets. I don’t claim any authority on the subject, but I have spent years refining my knowledge around the subject. If what I’ve created isn’t magic, I’ll give it a new name, but that doesn’t make it any less important to spread.