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Congratulations, some girl thinks you’re cute. How long will it last? Probably no longer than your last one. The longest relationship I had before I learned how to be “a leader of men”. Leadership is one of the top attractors according to Mystery, founder of the mystery method covered in detail by the book, The Game.

Think back to your last relationship. In the beginning wasn’t it great? She would call you on the phone. She would respond to your messages, and she would show up at your house, kiss you and even take off her clothes, but as the relationship went on, she stopped answering her phone as much, she stopped replying to some messages you sent, she even stopped kissing you goodbye.

Compare this too my last relationship. She did whatever I asked, she called me whenever she was free, and she wanted to have sex. I used to have relationships like yours. I used to think that women would leave me because I didn’t love them enough, after all, that’s what they said. They said I was too “cold”. I didn’t kiss them enough. I didn’t invite them out enough. But then I started to do those things. I found out that loving them more drove them away faster. So what’s a guy to do? You can’t love them too much or too little or they’ll threaten to leave. Strangely though, I still had sex with these women even after they left me. And on top of that, they still respond to some of my e-mails, and enjoy meeting up, so love has nothing to do with spending time with me, nor does love have anything to do with sex.

So maybe your girlfriend loves you, or maybe she just thinks your cute. None of that has anything to do with if she’ll sleep with me.

Do you want to find out how to have sex with any woman you want?


Dating Younger Women is Easy

Women want security and adventure. This is counterintuitive because they’re opposites, but you can give them both.

step 1

create a reinforcement schedule.

Step 2

cause her to justify herself

-say, “Are you even old enough to be out by yourself?”

-Reward her when she tells you she’s old enough.

-Punish her if she tells you to fuck off. (a sample punishment could be saying, I see you’re not mature enough to talk to me, and turn your body away from her but keep your  head slightly pointed in her direction.

-only try 4 times. If she does not justify herself after 4 punishments, then it’s not you. Something is getting in the way, and you’re in no position to fix it. You’ve done your best. Now get away before you’re put in jail for harassment. Say, “I’m sorry to bother you. Have a nice evening.” And walk away.

Step 3

Reinforce other behaviors

some are

Looking at you

Being closer to you than her friends

Thinking about you

Touching you


Following your instructions

Leaving and coming back

Forgetting about her problems and inhibitions.

Justifying that you two are perfect together

Justifying that sex with you is better than with other guys.

Justifying having a threesome (or whatever kink you’re into)


Women will stay with you forever if offer the security of being around you, while offering the adventure of going after rewards like touching, your attention, and chocolate. If you’re a drug dealer, she may want drugs too.


Jo Edwards

Teaches Seduction and Attraction in Santa Cruz, CA

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Girls are frustrating

I’m watching Californication on Netfilx, as I anticipate the return e-mail to meet this girl for coffee or frozen yogurt and then to go to the beach. By the time I get an e-mail from her, if at all, will be too late to do anything before I go to work. And I’ve got homework to do after work. I’m not interested in getting angry, that’s why I’m writing here. If I don’t write these feelings here, I’ll get angry at her. If I stay calm, I hold on to some possibility while I figure out if I actually want to spend a month with this girl.

With every girl Hank lays, I feel uncomfortable. It reminds me of the way I saw myself. I’ve stopped trying for everygirl, and I’ve started to focus on the girls I really like.

But girls are frustrating. I dated a girl who really liked the way I made her feel, but didn’t like me. I dated a girl who really liked the adventure I brought into her life but told me she didn’t love me anymore. I cried with every step toward the end of the month for each of them. Every time I cried, I cried a little less.

I’m sure I’m frustrating, too.

What do women want? At first they want some adventure, some excitement. Then they want to keep feeling. When I first started seeing these girls, there was something interesting about me. One girl said I was mysterious. Another said I made her feel better about herself. Another girl told me that she’d never met a guy like me, I was sweet, and kind, and intelligent. I don’t know what you think that women want from you, but if you make them feel something, they’re yours and you can’t screw it up until that emotion fades.

“Don’t cheat on me when you go to LA,” I said to a girl while I was seeing three other girls. Hypocritical on the surface, but underneath I get to have fun, and she get’s to have fun. She get’s to feel like she should forget about those other girls. When I first met her, she knew I was dating someone else. I introduced them. Then when I went on a date with this new girl, all she could say was “BUT YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!”

The strange thing I’ve heard from my neurolinguistic friends is women think emotionally opposite from men. Things that frustrate us are fun for them. Things that are fun or pleasant for us are frustrating for them. So when she fixates on one thing, and all I want to do is get passed it, she’s having fun. When I want to list off options for her so that I can give her the perfect date, I’m ruining it.

Clearly, girls are frustrating. Work with it.

Walking on water

There are three ways to separate people: the simple, the people drowning in their complexity, and those who walk on water. The simple stand not knowing or caring how far their legs can take them. Those who drown, realize their legs can take them far but get caught up in the things they cannot do. Those who can are the reason these people continue to try. The metaphor and literal alike are simply done by those with the capacity. Structure allows one to walk on water. Structure allows a water strider to move on the surface tension of water. The social structure a person grows up with allow him to think of much grander things in practicality.
All things relate. I speak in metaphor, but I have in mind a specific idea. Simplicity occurs in the capable and the unaffected. Complexity occurs with unnatural aspirations. If all things relate, the capable are able to see the patterns. Those who drown themselves in complexity cannot very well achieve their goals. The specific concept in mind is the achievement of goals, and if occultist notions and novel ideas require people to wake up and realize the water, walking on water become a miracle, but if natural growth only requires people to see the patterns that are exploitable, then walking on water is only the extension of walking on land as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. Learn to see these things and how they relate. Follow the path that feels exciting while remaining open to messages from other sources. These messages may very well be the key to reveal hidden pathways to metaphorically walking on water.

career wizard

wizards guild logo

A bird in black and a lion in white. Rise from the mountain and roar like a hunter.

Wizard’s Guild

The Wizard’s Guild is a collaboration for intellectual entertainment and personalized emotional satisfaction. It is an intellectual society for the purpose of practicing magic, the art (the creation in congruence with emotional satisfaction) and science (the practice of methodical achievement and observational understanding as opposed to memorizing theories and practices for a test or performing someone else’s theories without them being the missing piece in your own research). Within the Wizard’s Guild we consider school, computers, and google to return emotionally weak and intellectually inconclusive results. Because the internet is not a useful tool for research, we’ve created this position. The Processor functions in accordance with “Law”, a component of language such as grammar or definition, to generate significance, in other- words, meaning or feelings. The processor works with the operator and the technician to function as a biological computer. Salary is negotiable, starting at $15 per hour. Part of the duties of the processor will be to reference the Wizard’s Guild. These references are not paid; however, they are a necessary component for generating profit within the Guild. Without this pay and or time decrease for lack of funds. With these things in mind, Processors work as independent contractors for the Wizard’s Guild. The position is open to all Members of the Wizard’s guild and is a continually expanding position. Membership in the guild is free and more processor positions will be added as membership increases. The positions is worth much more than we can pay you, but as the guild improves we will be able to pay the full value for the position. Because good computers are worth about $1000 and human equivalents are valued around $26 per hour and up, these two factors will set the standard for pay as membership increases.

Process dense information.
Utilize information to create new intellectual subject areas in accordance with supervisors’ instructions.
Cooperate with other team members to generate significance
“Decode” patterns
Follow newly generated “Law” in order to generate significance
Keep up with Guild news and gossip
Remain in a standard mental state and record deviations from this as well as the most recent pertaining “Law”.
Advocate for the Wizard’s Guild to increase membership and patronage
Processors may also be required to deal with patrons and members

Required skills
No Training or skills is a preferred skill
Punctuality (Processors must attend work or notify a supervisor prior to illness and a minimum of two weeks before vacation)
Passion for a particular subject, known or unknown hobbies required
Maintain contact with at least one friend (reference required)
Fluent in a single or multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.
Able to read or write in a single or multiple languages either in their speaking language or another one (the two do not have to coincide).
Willingness to experience moderate changes in emotion (The fluctuations will not occur outside the job).
Willingness to not know an answer, to be “stumped”
Willingness to discover the answer, to feel the “Eureka” moment.
Able to perform moderate physical activity (run or walk for up to 2 hours or equivalent)
Willingness to experience vivid dreams
Willingness to develop “psychic” powers or “perform miracles” (dependant on personal religion: religion is not a factor in the hiring process on the form the processor works in).

Optional skills and Training
College Degree
Vocational training
Multiple friends
Multiple passions or hobbies
Meditation related skills

Application Process
Submit a résumé and Essay and personal references (at least one friend. No employers or supervisor’s) by e-mail
Join the Wizard’s Guild for free by contacting a local recruiter
Members who submit an application will be considered for the position
Members with high qualification will be contacted for an interview

For the Santa Cruz Area

Please Contact Jo S. E. with a résumé, references, a Wizard’s Guild application notice and an essay addressing this topic:
The nature of Law and Feeling. This will serve in place of a cover letter but feel free to include one. For the essay a good place to start is to look at facts in law and look at how people feel about crimes they’ve committed. The best papers will not necessarily be academic. It doesn’t matter what language it is in. I will read it. If it’s in English it makes my life easier but write in the language you are most competent in. The place I started is with people closest to me. I gave them a rule or looked at a rule they did not follow and paid attention to how they felt about it. Pay specific attention the rule as an nonnegotiable consequence of facts, and any attempt to negotiate without pointing out incongruence in facts as an emotional response. Such as “this is a(n) (thing here)” “well yeah. I guess, but . . . this little thing here. It’s kind of different.” Law is an agreement between people of a culture. And meaning comes out of the differences between experiences. If your paper says those three things, you’ve addressed the prompt. As long as you stay focused and don’t stray to far from those ideas you will understand. Applicants that display adequait understanding by relating the topics to their own life with receive special consideration.

Send applications to
In the subject line put Wizard’s Guild Application.
If the e-mail is missing this, I may not see the application.

Joseph S. Edwards
Director of Hiring
Membership Coordinator
Guild Specialist

Guild Wars2



Noise is just as enthralling as form. Noise is form we cannot comprehend. Noise prevents any communication. In order to communicate we must first eliminate noise. The brain communicates to the body. The brain tells the body where to go what to do what to think, and what to send back. It is totally possible for the brain to not notice sensations. The brain can have no category by which we remember our dreams and it becomes hazy. When the sensation is perfect is memorable. The form is organized and it can recommunicate and express itself. If not it is noise.  As well as things that lack communication, things that are lower frequency act as noise unless we fully immerse ourselves within that and cut ourselves off from higher frequency. This is a fundamental ability of the brain. For instance, there are seven colors, seven tones, which don’t go away. It is possible to train the brain to only look at one of those within the seven recognizable vibrations. You could pick read and re-invent yourself. Eventually it would be possible to recognize colors within red. Since audible frequency and visual frequency are both frequency the names are interchangeable. Do on audible spectrum is equivalent to red, and the converse is true. Ti on the audible spectrum is equivalent to violet. However, this is rare because people are used to and will continue to create in a larger range. Exposure to this range is probable and will reverse the effects unless the brain becomes accustomed to this new way of thinking. Noise is unpleasant when there is form. Why watch snow on tv when you can watch cartoons. The exception being those who want to understand noise. These people are captivated by noise and disruption. They want to give it form. Rock, Metal, and House music, dubstep, and techno, are expressions of noise. Water is exposed to this and quickly frozen so that crystals form, the crystals created by these forms are less structured than the patterns created by classical music. Noise can have adverse effects on people, but this won’t prevent it from being captivating.

A month or two ago, I published some thing titled Protocol. It was an artsy little piece about how following one form will reveal the most about a path toward success.  In recent weeks I’ve questioned my sanity with this project. I wanted to create and express things. These things were different as I sought to renew ideas and concepts. I wanted to create a new language to explain metaphysics. Like spanish, italian, Japanese, I wanted to create a grammatical structure that required people to think in terms of metaphysics to be correct. In English we are aware of tense and conjugation, but because conjugation is not intrinsic to the endings of the words like in some other languages, anything other than the simple form conjugations are complicated, and there are few people outside of linguistics and English studies who know the rules for these Literary tools for expressing concepts with a flair and a twist to make it seem deeper. I also went on to try to grab people using sexual symbolism, something that often sells; however, both of these things were more potent than people care to tolerate. A language with only one speaker, writing only in that language only appeals to linguists, probably only a few of them.  Sex in itself is an habitual thing. When we first discover it, it is isolated and a category by itself, but it develops into a nuanced form as life grows like a vine around it and through it in all directions.  With the knowledge that I’m not the only one studying this stuff, the things that make people intelligent, I can relax a bit. I can join society. Most of all, I can produce excellent pieces.  I Intend to keep a journal of my little revelations. That’s what this blog will turn into. I’ll try to include all the things that are brilliant and wonderous in little doses, so as not to confuse anyone. over the course of my next stint as a writer I will uncover what It means to be intelligent, and how does one become intelligent.

Free will

Have In Mind

Have In Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are not free in the way that you would like to be. You are always subject some law or another. Without such underlying forces we would cese to exist. Tweak gravity just a minute fraction (1 x 10^-100) and we either collapse in on ourselves or the sun doesn’t enough attraction to stay together.

There really is only one choice to make, but we are so far from the end, that making it to the finish line is such a long and fantastic journey with every step giving rise the most wonderful feelings we could ever know. Every step is exponentially greater than the greatest happiness you could ever feel stumbling around in the darkness of your own ignorance created by the system around you. As this era comes to a close, there is less and less room to move around in. We are less lucky than our anscestors, but in a way, we are more likely to discover greater realities than they ever could because the hole is getting smaller and the tunnel is pushing us through. Sure, hitting rock bottom would suck, but you could ride it all the way to enlightenment.

Realize that the things we choose to help us be free are the things that make our “vision” clearer. We become more relaxed, we can create more, we can do more, and we can feel more alive. The freedom to sit alone in front of a computer all day is less than exciting, but it’s safe and you know how to make the most of it. If you could use it to get free, you wouldn’t be doing it. But unless you know which way to go, you’re just buying time until rock bottom comes up and smacks you, waking you up to a higher reality.
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What can I write for YOU?

I’ve posted several different topics. I’ve got a lot of different kinds of readers but I don’t have very many people reading my blog, so I’m looking for the most demanded topics. Every month, I’ll write on a new topic.

For february, I have lined up,

Love and Seduction
Brain Training

All of the posts for february are lined up, but I’m wondering what to do for next month or even aditional topics to include in with the one’s for February. I’m also looking into the kind of things that my readers want. How detailed do you want the topic to be? In the love in seduction (if you continue to request it, it is my most popular topic) what kind of things do you want to happen? How hard core do you want it (or not want it)?

Are there any areas of politics that you want me to adress? How in depth do you want me to go? How far do you want me to travel? Do you want me to interveiw real politicians? I live across the street from one. It would be a start if that’s the avenue you want me to take it.

It’s really up to you. The more people you refer to the site the more I’ll value your vote. Have the people you refer reply to your coment saying that they were recomended by you. I’ll do the top 3 topics people ask for in the comments below.