246987_1895476280613_1652786621_1853454_7466727_nMy name is Jo. I started the blog in order to fill something I thought was missing from society. In some ways, there is nothing missing, but in other ways, everything is missing. I’m not trying to be esoteric, but the ways we make distinctions are not cultural and writers and artists try to make these distinctions, trying to express every detail of limitless subtle information not captured by the words themselves. This is what I wanted to fill. I started a second blog hopping that people at the first stage would have a place to go to enjoy things and the posts there would lead them to the next stage, but I got tired of it. In any case, I had no clue what I was doing and what I should do with this blog.

I have a couple mottos. These little sayings summarize everything I think about and essentially everything present in my writings. I believe heavily in “work smarter, not harder”. I have a similar motto that lives symbiotically with this one. “If something takes more than a week, Something’s wrong.” The brain is not limited by time. This fact is evident in the ability to talk about displaced things and events. We can talk about things in the past tense. We can talk about things far away from us like they are right next to us, and the brain perceives both of these like they are really here. The other amazing thing about perception is we can imagine things that have never existed and the brain will function like it does exist. “The brain is the organ of sense of sense.” While this isn’t really a motto, it does convey the way i understand reality. Everything is intelligent, but what the intelligent patterns are saying is something that is not always directly logical. We can use logic to understand the thing in context, but the truth doesn’t have to be literal. Finally, I like “Lead by making others lead” and “Teach people enjoy life, even if a different life they choose.” The thing is, all people are powerful, and by taking away that power, you reduce the strength you have. If there is something out there that is more beneficial, more fun, and can include more people in the exact same ways, allowing them room to change and lead their own lives harmonizing with each other and not depending on community or state or government or force is the best way to go about things because the greatest number of people are happy.  And the people who aren’t are easily included and satisfied.