Women want security and adventure. This is counterintuitive because they’re opposites, but you can give them both.

step 1

create a reinforcement schedule.

Step 2

cause her to justify herself

-say, “Are you even old enough to be out by yourself?”

-Reward her when she tells you she’s old enough.

-Punish her if she tells you to fuck off. (a sample punishment could be saying, I see you’re not mature enough to talk to me, and turn your body away from her but keep your  head slightly pointed in her direction.

-only try 4 times. If she does not justify herself after 4 punishments, then it’s not you. Something is getting in the way, and you’re in no position to fix it. You’ve done your best. Now get away before you’re put in jail for harassment. Say, “I’m sorry to bother you. Have a nice evening.” And walk away.

Step 3

Reinforce other behaviors

some are

Looking at you

Being closer to you than her friends

Thinking about you

Touching you


Following your instructions

Leaving and coming back

Forgetting about her problems and inhibitions.

Justifying that you two are perfect together

Justifying that sex with you is better than with other guys.

Justifying having a threesome (or whatever kink you’re into)


Women will stay with you forever if offer the security of being around you, while offering the adventure of going after rewards like touching, your attention, and chocolate. If you’re a drug dealer, she may want drugs too.


Jo Edwards

Teaches Seduction and Attraction in Santa Cruz, CA

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