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Congratulations, some girl thinks you’re cute. How long will it last? Probably no longer than your last one. The longest relationship I had before I learned how to be “a leader of men”. Leadership is one of the top attractors according to Mystery, founder of the mystery method covered in detail by the book, The Game.

Think back to your last relationship. In the beginning wasn’t it great? She would call you on the phone. She would respond to your messages, and she would show up at your house, kiss you and even take off her clothes, but as the relationship went on, she stopped answering her phone as much, she stopped replying to some messages you sent, she even stopped kissing you goodbye.

Compare this too my last relationship. She did whatever I asked, she called me whenever she was free, and she wanted to have sex. I used to have relationships like yours. I used to think that women would leave me because I didn’t love them enough, after all, that’s what they said. They said I was too “cold”. I didn’t kiss them enough. I didn’t invite them out enough. But then I started to do those things. I found out that loving them more drove them away faster. So what’s a guy to do? You can’t love them too much or too little or they’ll threaten to leave. Strangely though, I still had sex with these women even after they left me. And on top of that, they still respond to some of my e-mails, and enjoy meeting up, so love has nothing to do with spending time with me, nor does love have anything to do with sex.

So maybe your girlfriend loves you, or maybe she just thinks your cute. None of that has anything to do with if she’ll sleep with me.

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Dating Younger Women is Easy

Women want security and adventure. This is counterintuitive because they’re opposites, but you can give them both.

step 1

create a reinforcement schedule.

Step 2

cause her to justify herself

-say, “Are you even old enough to be out by yourself?”

-Reward her when she tells you she’s old enough.

-Punish her if she tells you to fuck off. (a sample punishment could be saying, I see you’re not mature enough to talk to me, and turn your body away from her but keep your  head slightly pointed in her direction.

-only try 4 times. If she does not justify herself after 4 punishments, then it’s not you. Something is getting in the way, and you’re in no position to fix it. You’ve done your best. Now get away before you’re put in jail for harassment. Say, “I’m sorry to bother you. Have a nice evening.” And walk away.

Step 3

Reinforce other behaviors

some are

Looking at you

Being closer to you than her friends

Thinking about you

Touching you


Following your instructions

Leaving and coming back

Forgetting about her problems and inhibitions.

Justifying that you two are perfect together

Justifying that sex with you is better than with other guys.

Justifying having a threesome (or whatever kink you’re into)


Women will stay with you forever if offer the security of being around you, while offering the adventure of going after rewards like touching, your attention, and chocolate. If you’re a drug dealer, she may want drugs too.


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Girls are frustrating

I’m watching Californication on Netfilx, as I anticipate the return e-mail to meet this girl for coffee or frozen yogurt and then to go to the beach. By the time I get an e-mail from her, if at all, will be too late to do anything before I go to work. And I’ve got homework to do after work. I’m not interested in getting angry, that’s why I’m writing here. If I don’t write these feelings here, I’ll get angry at her. If I stay calm, I hold on to some possibility while I figure out if I actually want to spend a month with this girl.

With every girl Hank lays, I feel uncomfortable. It reminds me of the way I saw myself. I’ve stopped trying for everygirl, and I’ve started to focus on the girls I really like.

But girls are frustrating. I dated a girl who really liked the way I made her feel, but didn’t like me. I dated a girl who really liked the adventure I brought into her life but told me she didn’t love me anymore. I cried with every step toward the end of the month for each of them. Every time I cried, I cried a little less.

I’m sure I’m frustrating, too.

What do women want? At first they want some adventure, some excitement. Then they want to keep feeling. When I first started seeing these girls, there was something interesting about me. One girl said I was mysterious. Another said I made her feel better about herself. Another girl told me that she’d never met a guy like me, I was sweet, and kind, and intelligent. I don’t know what you think that women want from you, but if you make them feel something, they’re yours and you can’t screw it up until that emotion fades.

“Don’t cheat on me when you go to LA,” I said to a girl while I was seeing three other girls. Hypocritical on the surface, but underneath I get to have fun, and she get’s to have fun. She get’s to feel like she should forget about those other girls. When I first met her, she knew I was dating someone else. I introduced them. Then when I went on a date with this new girl, all she could say was “BUT YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!”

The strange thing I’ve heard from my neurolinguistic friends is women think emotionally opposite from men. Things that frustrate us are fun for them. Things that are fun or pleasant for us are frustrating for them. So when she fixates on one thing, and all I want to do is get passed it, she’s having fun. When I want to list off options for her so that I can give her the perfect date, I’m ruining it.

Clearly, girls are frustrating. Work with it.