There are three ways to separate people: the simple, the people drowning in their complexity, and those who walk on water. The simple stand not knowing or caring how far their legs can take them. Those who drown, realize their legs can take them far but get caught up in the things they cannot do. Those who can are the reason these people continue to try. The metaphor and literal alike are simply done by those with the capacity. Structure allows one to walk on water. Structure allows a water strider to move on the surface tension of water. The social structure a person grows up with allow him to think of much grander things in practicality.
All things relate. I speak in metaphor, but I have in mind a specific idea. Simplicity occurs in the capable and the unaffected. Complexity occurs with unnatural aspirations. If all things relate, the capable are able to see the patterns. Those who drown themselves in complexity cannot very well achieve their goals. The specific concept in mind is the achievement of goals, and if occultist notions and novel ideas require people to wake up and realize the water, walking on water become a miracle, but if natural growth only requires people to see the patterns that are exploitable, then walking on water is only the extension of walking on land as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. Learn to see these things and how they relate. Follow the path that feels exciting while remaining open to messages from other sources. These messages may very well be the key to reveal hidden pathways to metaphorically walking on water.