Like I needed to be more dense. Ironic, isn’t it? The odd thing about the course of my life is it hasn’t meant anything up until now. Recently I’ve come across the idea that there are agreements that make up language and meanings and feelings and actions that come out of that. These agreements are largely communal. They come from your parents and your friends and family. They are not structured to change. The only time anyone ever recognizes a change is when they leave everything behind not knowing if they will survive, succeed, or triumph, or perish, fail, or lose all the while knowing that they cannot go back. On the way to college, I still knew many people and things were familiar. I still lived at home and I hardly changed my habits. There was no consequence, no judgement for my behavior other than the overall ambiguous quality in the things I turned in based on a rubric no one has really explained or expounded upon directly with consequences and rules specific to each clause in that rubric, something ambiguous since middle school and even a little before.

Density just happens to be simple. A cat could be anything should the symbols that represent what we think a cat is not have a specific example of “Cat”. Just three simple letters; inherent to them are no particular meanings like “un-” and “-ed” or “-ing”. “C” can come up in any number of different words and have no effect on meaning: Cranberry, cushion, capitalist, alpa-C-a, ri-C-h, hi-C-C-up. “A” and “T” can do the same things that “C” can. They are all, in fact, letters. No matter what feelings or patterns that go along with certain letters that may seem like there is a pattern, letters do not represent, signify, meaning. They only represent sounds. This redundancy turns something simple into something complex. Such things are usually explained in latin or greek or some dead language to distinguish it in the academic community as per tradition. While we understand it in simple terms, the goal of density is to distinguish, analyze, expand, and compress a single idea into a usable tool as a filter for knowledge or a base to reach conclusions.

Of course, I can’t waste my entire life explaining and re-explaining things. Education should take care of standard patters but not remove the joy of finding patterns and coming up with my own significance as opposed to a significance that stems from the meaning that people who teach it want us to have. Things of great importance to teachers, things like classics, and style, and how significant, how meaningful it is to the work are lost on me because of the way they expect me to have the same feelings and to study and know the meanings of things and use them in the same way. Education should take care of the standard agreed upon complex distinguished ideas, treating them simply; but, they don’t.

Because this is missing, I should find a way to get it. I’m paying, (well, my family is paying) roughly forty dollars per hour. Classes are ranked by hour. A three unit class meets three hours a week. On top of that, homework is another two hours per unit. A three unit class is three hours in class and another six outside of class per week, so a three unit class is nine hours a week of work. For forty dollars plus two hours of my own time, I get credit for what I’ve done, and that’s all I get that I couldn’t have gotten by myself. If I just bought the book, something that’s required anyway for eighty dollars and up, I could have learned in more detail. The teachers I have had hardly present any more information outside of the books they recommend. They explain the text using personal significance, but that hardly is shared between us. It would have been more effective had they just let me buy the book and work on my own. This expensive dead-end isn’t a complete waste of time, but it doesn’t give me the intellect that I thought went along with College students.

College students are somewhat intelligent, wholly capable people who, if given the opportunity and the incentive, would produce graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral level work should they operate within a specific field at that level. I find it unnecessary to pay so much money for an education I’m not getting to essentially prove I’m capable when just spending time doing busy work only slightly related to the specific work I’m applying myself to when I can just pay someone 20 dollars an hour and get the knowledge I’m looking for and the colleagues that I wouldn’t get for years.

This is main function of the Wizard’s guild. By paying people, we make people smarter. We become smarter, we work with the things we know, compressing them to single symbols, to use them on a regular basis to explore and uncover the things we don’t. People are our resources, and “Law” is our commodity. This is an intellectual society, but anyone can join because all people have intellect. Coveted positions go to the most valuable people. Students study under the laws of their field created by the discoveries and patters of their field. Life is a language, we just use people and the catalyst to compress and store that language until we don’t need it anymore.

To me, this carries the fundamental “law”, the agreed upon notion the society is founded on. In such case, this becomes the definition like a book is a book, and a rose is a rose. I agree that tradition will change from region to region, but people should be first and foremost familiar with the definition created by its founder and make adaptations from that pattern to fit the region, and that original pattern as well as the regional deviation should convey the same “Law”. It shall be known and recorded in the superconsciousness that the aforementioned law regarding Wizard’s guild’s definition is the principle while regional alterations are known to come from the standard for whatever significance that persists. While the significance may change, the law does not. Law shall be preserved as a tool to connect to other people, other ideas, other creatures, other plants or natural patterns.

Significance is important, but it changes so often as people change. With every thought a person changes just slightly so the thought becomes recognizably prominent. Law provides a foundation to express these deviations without fear. For your understanding I will reduce this concept to modern technical terms. Law is the hardware, something we strive to make smaller and more efficient, but at its essence is only a deviation of the principal form of the earliest computers, maybe with different components, but principally similar. The significance is the signals, the key strokes the program the thing driving the input and the reactions. It is the energy the changes and flows through, indicating a pattern that exhibits specific responses. Responses are easily altered by rewriting the program. Hardware is not so easy to alter, for to alter the hardware’s principle components and the signals, the significance, the program must also change. If one person in this significance shares the same traits as a computer, then bringing people together into an intellectual society is like linking computers up to form a mainframe or a super computer or something similar.

I don’t like to remain in signals and feelings. Because people operate like computers and computers are made to function intelligently in similar ways that we are I simplify and streamline the components used to understand both computers and people while maximizing their performance by saying computers are a deviation of biological computers. This law carries its own significance. Significance gives rise to more laws and the pattern is endless, but by showing this one last significance we can see the mental steps one takes while moving toward some ultimate creation. Because biological computers created our computers (I would like to give more unique words to distinguish between the two) if we raise computers in similar style to how we would raise a child, we could potentially have a self-conscious computer. This is however, only significance from a law. Only by scientifically testing and manipulating variables to create a new mechanism can we make this a reality and from it create new law.