People are addicted to the words of others. It’s no wonder, words are stimulants just like any other drug. This is completely fiction, but the science is real. If you’d like to understand these words, you need to engage the other half of your brain where all the strong connection are. The other half of the brain is the one you use to break down things. This part undoes all the connections. Unfortunately, without the other half, trust falls apart, people stop growing and you run the same risk that all word leaders have. You are just as powerful as they are, so take it with a degree of freedom and a degree of subjugation. Without both, you can be dangerous.

This is a story about the very same kind of danger. If given the power to manipulate and charm, if given the option to get away with any crime and never have to face punishment or atone, what kind of person would you be? The fear that you would hurt people given the option to lead them stops many people from becoming great. Never the less, we should consider the kind of destruction we can cause and what will heal it. So I give the liberty to explore your passions, to rape and pillage as you please, but when this page closes or you lose sight of this page, you are bound by morality again. This rule is not subject to interpretation nor metaphysical loopholes. If, in any way, a person breaks this imaginative liberty, I am not responsible. You are free to imagine so long as you only imagine. But if you infringe on anyone, you must make it right. This story shows what happens when this pact is broken, and a person gives himself the liberty to hurt people. This story shows one way to make it right and atone, but more importantly, It shows that even the wrong things can become wonderful given the right approach. The conlusion I’ve come to in seduction is people when ignorant of pain, suffering, debt, and ownership – things often true of people with happiness – are able to control and manipulate people and change and destroy things without hurting, manipulating, or really destroying anything.

“Please state your name for the record.”
“My name is Sanoma Cranden.”
“Now, Mr. Cranden, do you know the severity of the crimes you’ve committed?”
“I don’t see how I’ve committed any crimes.”
“YOU RAPED AND TORTURED SEVERAL, and several is an understatement . . . you’ve raped and tortured several women, many of them to death, and you are charged with human rights violations across every continent.”
“You’re going away for a long time Mr. Cranden.”

Sanoma reached out as if to comfort the two officers but the restraints kept him from coming close. He looked down at his hands and decided on a new course of action.

“Agent Walters – those women – they wanted to die. They wanted me to rape them. Is that so hard to imagine? I’m an attractive guy.”
“Walters, hold on a sec. You can’t let him get to you.”

Samuel Cooper restrained his partner and tried to calm him down.

“Don’t try my patience MR. CRANDEN.”
“Walters, why don’t you go get some donuts and cool off for a little bit. Send in the chief. Maybe you’ll figure out a way to get to him. When you come back. In the mean time, let the chief take care of it.”
“Fine, but I call the first crack at him if any fists start flying.”
“Ok buddy, but leave your gun out of the interrogation room next time,” Cooper pointed at the gun fit snuggly in Walters’ holster, “It’s a danger to both of us.”

Cooper smiled and patted his partner on the back as he left the interrogation room. As Walters left, the Chief walked in. He started asking all these questions that didn’t seem to make any sense to Cooper.

“Chief? What do these questions have to do with the case?”
“Yeah! Chief-Y!”
“You shut up!”
“Cooper. This one has a way of getting to people. You can’t let him get to you like he did Walters. And as for the questions, they don’t really have much to do with the case, but by asking questions and getting answers, it lets me ask more ‘expensive’ questions, ones that he would only answer if his life was on the line without having to threaten his life. He knows that if we kill him, we get nothing, and he gets the easy way out.”
“You know he can hear you right?”
“Yeah, Chief-Y! I just heard everything you just said.”
“The thing is, you little punk,” The chief smiled calmly “It doesn’t really matter what you think, what you hear, or what you do. You’ll want to tell me just like those girls wanted to die.”

For the first time in his life Sanoma was worried. He know exactly what the chief was doing. He knew the only thing that would keep him from spilling all the details to his crimes would be to die. Not even running away or trying to stay silent would prevent the Chief from getting to him. Seeing as his hands were bound to table and he was mildly sedated, his chances getting out without confessing to all the nasty shit he did were slim. The only other thing he could think of was to fight fire with fire. We would have to seduce the chief into seeing things his way.

To be continued. . .