Have In Mind

Have In Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are not free in the way that you would like to be. You are always subject some law or another. Without such underlying forces we would cese to exist. Tweak gravity just a minute fraction (1 x 10^-100) and we either collapse in on ourselves or the sun doesn’t enough attraction to stay together.

There really is only one choice to make, but we are so far from the end, that making it to the finish line is such a long and fantastic journey with every step giving rise the most wonderful feelings we could ever know. Every step is exponentially greater than the greatest happiness you could ever feel stumbling around in the darkness of your own ignorance created by the system around you. As this era comes to a close, there is less and less room to move around in. We are less lucky than our anscestors, but in a way, we are more likely to discover greater realities than they ever could because the hole is getting smaller and the tunnel is pushing us through. Sure, hitting rock bottom would suck, but you could ride it all the way to enlightenment.

Realize that the things we choose to help us be free are the things that make our “vision” clearer. We become more relaxed, we can create more, we can do more, and we can feel more alive. The freedom to sit alone in front of a computer all day is less than exciting, but it’s safe and you know how to make the most of it. If you could use it to get free, you wouldn’t be doing it. But unless you know which way to go, you’re just buying time until rock bottom comes up and smacks you, waking you up to a higher reality.

The strange thing here is we are unable to achieve results should we serch for them outside ourselves. The only way to achieve victory is to utilize our own minds. The current institution makes it impossible to achieve victory without your mind. Unfortunately, the happy playground that existed is improbable. Take for instance public schools and or prison, government, economic factors (money). If we too remove just one of these things, we would be able to go back to the way things were. No more economy, the government is free to do whatever it wants and will soon come to realize that it is responsible for it’s actions. Without the fear that money will run, a government is free to enact whatever it needs to in order to solve the depleating resources problem. Without fear of losing bussiness, the electric company would be free to enact Tesla’s free energy plan, unilizing the natural energy produced by the earth using the Schuman Cavity. I don’t know how it works, but if people are not held back by the agonizing fear of insecurity, they would be able to create free energy. There is more than enough science to harness natural power.

If we were to remove the government, the economic principles would serve as a government. Buying something serves as a vote. If word get’s out that something work, then no one buys it. Should monopolies emerge thus form an oligarchy, then we would be in the exact same place as we are now. But Creating a tradition that governments and corruption should not exist, all one would need to do is to expose the government and show that it is evil, and the people will no longer support it. New jobs will emerge to fill the vacuume and you have an endless cycle of growth and decay.

If we were to remove prisons and place funding in schools, the world would fall into just enough chaos to reveal the brightest people in the world. We would seek them for help. Whatever we would create after that would bring the criminals to see the light. All that they really need is some security and love. By sticking allready angry people in a confined space, they form norms and customs that contribute to their fear and insecurity. If you took a thousand prisoners a month and seperated them from the reast into the most secure and loving environment where they have all the power, the criminal way of life would cease to exist. We could then spend all our money on education to keep up with job demand and in this way, Harvard Grads would not be unemployed. No one would be unqualified for any job. In this way, the system could teach all that students needed to know.

There are litteraly millions of things we could remove and exploring these next steps is a large waste of time if no one is willing to give up some form of security. Someone will always ask the question “How will something get done?” or “What about my. . .” It’s fun to imagine different worlds using the current institutions as variables, but it is more effective to work with your imagination and become free allowing yourself to see visions that contribute to your greatest understanding of whatever your inspiration is. It is the exact same meathod That I expect you to use for reading actively. You must engage all your memory in order to understand. If you are able to shift to a completely different world, this world a creation of your mind, you have control over everything, including time. You would never need to return to physical, limited reality again. You could do everything you’re doing now, just with the increased certainty that you could turn into a duck or you could create out of nothing and defy all conventional rules of physics and ethics and not have to pay for them.

My goal is to get free. But freedom is not about being without a master. Freedom is naturally doing the things that a law would require you to do and paying no mind that that law should even exist in the first place. If you were to stay on the grownd because you were able to control whether or not you left, by definition of the condition, you are able to leave the ground of your volition, not because you defy gravity, but because you are the force holding you down. Until you have to force yourself to do something you don’t want to do, you’ll be subject to the masters that provoke your reaction.

Imagine that every time you’re good, you get a cookie or a present, or something amazing and had no other indication of value (Meaning no chemicals, no taste, no thoughts about such things, something quite like video games) and that every time you were bad your master built another piece of the gallows, and imagine that every other person lived by these rules, society would determine that this is natural law as it knows nothing else and has no indication of reality based on these two components. Physics tells us that we are subject to “natural laws”. If we look at legal things, all the principles that give legal documents their power owe themselves in one way or another to physics. Physics are just a more expansive view of the same principle. In order to be free, you must be able to escape forever into the vision that comes from your mind. Even if the stimulants are the same, if you can alter the function based on whims created by things that suddenly seem more valuable thanks to coincidental conditions, you would comepletly change the principles you would run on. Instead of being subject to cookies and exchange those cookies for what you want, one cookie could be exchanged for whatever you want. This principle that uses the mind is the form of infinite currency gives the esoteric thing, Qi, its direct counter part. Law becomes energy as consciouness is inspired.

Be inspired.