English: Male models wearing underwear 中文: 內衣模特兒

English: Male models wearing underwear 中文: 內衣模特兒 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Diary,

Today was Great. I wore my new underwear, the ones with the black and blue stripes. I think They make me look sexy. I know I shouldn’t wear them, but they feel great. I’m wearing my normal clothes, but underneath are my sexy underwear. My jeans are usually to big for me, but the ones I have on today are the new ones that fit me. I weighed myself too! I lost three pounds. The new diet’s working.  I went outside today, just to stretch my legs. I’ve been sitting at the computer all day.  I also finished the next section of my book. It’s an essay about the revised institution I came up with that will replace the current social, political, economic, and educational institutions. I had tried to write the same thing before for my english class at the local community college. (I know right? Soooo Claaassy, Living with my parents and going to community college.  I’m 18, I should be living it up in a dorm at some four star grade A party school. )  All this got me thinking Maybe I should be a Guy.

 It’s kinda strange right? I’m not the hyper masculine kind of guy, but still, I don’t consider myself feminine. I work out on a regular basis, and I box. I’m pretty good at it. I’m fast, but I pack a powerful punch.  I stare at women’s breasts all the time. I get caught more often than I’d like to.  I fall in love with any girl with a great pair of legs and the courage to show a little skin. But not just this,  I’ve spent a great deal of my life being the best guy that I could be. I worked to figure out what kind of role I’d play as a father, and what kind of man women wanted me to be.  I’ve worked hard, but I also learned how to work smart. I’m a Di Vinci type personality. I only do the things that inspire me and I produce work that creates things that people can work from. I draw technical drawing for buildings I see in my dreams for the perfect city. I draw detailed drawings of people, clothes, and other things. I study biology and chemistry. I do all this stuff on my own because I don’t trust teachers. And to top it all off, I have porn, junk food, tv, and success addictions just like every other guy.  Maybe they won’t admit it, but every guy that hasn’t learned to live without these and actually quit, has this somewhere in his psyche.

So Is it true? is this the real me? Make your guess in the comments below.  There’s more to come. Keep an eye on your subscriptions.