Every day, I’m here, at home, not really doing anything.  It’s mostly fear, but it’s also been so long since I’ve known or figured anything out for myself. I haven’t been one to stick with anything, but because I like being able to tell people that I stick to what I set my mind too instead of just letting myself enjoy things, I abandon and pick things up again by my whims instead of by the wind.

I’ve set to creating a new world. This world will have no institutional limitation. As much as I’d like to weed out social capital, It will always serve a function. I’m working out a new language, something that doesn’t have as much stability as english, but it still is worth using to express novel ideas that are misunderstood. It is possibly the number of writers trying to create the same things. There are only so many problems that writers can solve. At some point it branches out and instead of being just a writer, writers work to write for something. I’m writing  more and more to help facilitate my architecture and my landscape design. Less is it important to me to express novel Ideas. As much as I’d like to live in this world, People are still captivated by things that fantastical, hazy and maybe even a little bit absurd. 

I’m so used to sitting at home, doing nothing really important, that I went out. I went out to do something completely absurd. Just for you, my few readers. I’m going beyond the normal boundaries to find some things that excite me. I’m looking for things that Perk up my Life.

I Live near a discount clothing store. I don’t have to spend much money at all to do something crazy. Hopefully there’s no law against what I’m doing.  I’ve started looking into buying women’s clothing. I hope there is no law against this. Doing something crazy just to have something to relate to people, living in their world of unbound fantasy. I’m trying to relate to people that wonder, “Well . . . why can’t a girl fall in love with a vampire?” or “What would it feel like to be a wizard.” These things are not based on any version of the stories I’ve read so far. The myths hardly change over the years that they were told. Vampires were always these evil phantoms in the night, and wizards were the scientists of the day.  So Why can’t a guy wear women’s clothes? It’s strange enough to disturb people that actually care like those books are strange enough to enrage me (well rage maybe is a little harsh), but It’s worth looking in to to help bring people to a better reality. 

So I bought this striped thing and went out. It was just underwear, but It feels different. Sure to strike up a few conversations. Check back tomorrow to see what happens. I don’t even know yet. OHHH! and If you haven’t figured out already, I could be lying. At the end of this little silliness I’m putting on, I’ll reveal if it was true. You’ll never know for sure unless you read. When you think you know, post a comment below.

[disclaimer: The inflection and tempo are important to sending the right message. Just because it sounds like it will work in your head doesn’t mean it will work. Relying on the stuff you read may end you up in prison. Just be averaged amazing. If you try to be normal, it sets you apart from the people who try to be amazing. That’s what they mean by be yourself. Short sighted phrasing, but novel idea none the less.THis series also has the potential to be comepletely ficticious or somewhat real.]