I’ve wanted this for a while. Today, with the help of the Wizard Guild, I am building a city. As I’ve learned through creating my own language, start somewhere and with something or someone’s purpose in mind. What I have in mind is something that is both beautiful, bright, and natural. I’d like to create something that is dirty, muddy, and wet, but I detest the idea that thing that are dirty are disgusting. I don’t like thing that are contribute to that Idea.

I resolve to this: I’m one week away from starting school gain. There I will see people that I know, and I will see people that I don’t. I want to get them together for this project. I’ll start with creating a vibratory center for simplicity and abundance working together in harmony. Usually, where there is abundance there is clutter. Those things disgust me. In some part of my mind I want to give it a name, something that people can use to refer to it, but I know how limiting that can make it. But still, it will be something like a monastery. a place people can come to feel more alive.

I’m thinking that the world needs more things to uncover, more ruins and ancient technology to learn from. We’ve uncovered every thing that we could find and amongst all those pillars, all we found were traces of their civilization. I think it nice to know what people used to do, but I wish that they had more to offer. I wish they had something like the ability to fly, or super strength and that it was as easy as walking into a chamber and coming out the other end. This place I am working on, I want it to be the gateway to the sky. It is the beginning of another story. Chapter one I guess. It is the story of how I built the next wonder of the world.

Assume that as you live in Mora, and you expand outward, learing to focus, you’ll find more of your mind awakening. This is how my life has worked. I’m sure it will work for you. First, quiet the noise in your head, all the chatter and things. Then give yourself something to focus on, something that excites you. Make it as brilliant as possible by getting excited, and stressing out over it, or by feeling giddy with joy around it’s creation. Become absorbed in it.Then follow it down into your mind as it becomes quieter yet no less brilliant. You will find greater focus here, and you will unlock new abilities.