I’ve found the secretes that the mind holds. You may question where to look. That very reason draws you here. You look for clues as to how to make things better. The strange irony you fail to see is in the very name itself. I have warned that asking will yield no results. Yet, people ask anyway hoping for a simple solution. The solution itself is simple. It is not something you’ve missed. The solution is in your feelings.

You spend life anchored to your house, to your car, to your job, to your street. You hardly know why. These things are to ground you, to keep you from floating away as you grow and expand. So you’ve been here for quite some time. You haven’t yet figured it out and you’re worried about everything.

The older I get, the more I worry. The more I worry, the more I am stuck to this way of life. Thankfully, being stuck lends itself to my freedom, as it does for yours. The more stuck you are the freer you can become. Just let yourself remember the things that lend to your understanding. If you see a word, let the meaning come forth.