I savor my freedom. It is my light. In the dark, freedom makes things, once evil, good again. But evil is not so much as it seems. You’ll see that people are always more capable than facts demonstrate. I myself have been sceptical at times, but that lead to my captivity. I give people their freedom just as I give it to myself.

The whisper that tells me what to do still lingers like a parent that will never die. I relish this power for it is greater than I. It is so great that when I ask, there is always an answer, something simple that will suffice.

The greatness this wisdom holds is hardly used well, and there is only one thing that I could tell that would lead me to even greater heights. I call upon it in my memory. If you ask me what it is, you will only know its name. The true power is in the way you play the game.