So a few days ago, I wrote about a waitress at my favorite restaurant, How she thought I was crazy and how I turned it all around. Well, the techniques that went into that story are real techniques used by effective communicators and good story tellers to enchant an audience. The story I wrote isn’t real, but it was as real as if I was there.

I am a taurus, and I do like to eat at the same place every day, but I haven’t been out to a restaurant in weeks. Everyday I usually have just a plain salame sandwich. Maybe I’ll have some nacho chips with a bit of salsa, maybe a little mozzarella cheese now and again.

I didn’t lie about meeting up with a girl on thursday though!

I get to hang out with a girl that I wished for way back. She’s perfect, and she has room to improve, everything I asked for, and there’s room to throw in new things that I imagine. The thing is, she’s afraid for the most part. She’s nice, and shapely, and beautiful, but she doesn’t see that. Only once in a while does she let go and say something daring. When she does, it triggers something in my brain that makes me realize how amazing she is. This is why they say beauty is on the inside, why they say that it is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is inside the person that is watching, and is only possible with memory and expectation.

When you lose something, it suddenly becomes so much more wonderful, so much more important to hold on to when you find it again. This is a mirror into who you are, well, more of who you were, but when you find what you’ve lost, the more time you spend with it, the more it heals the missing piece of your heart. This is where you find love, and when it’s healed it loses its magic, and you can move on.

The really interesting thing is there are two kinds of love. The healing love you’ve seen already. It’s the kind that people jump right into and realize that the love isn’t as strong. It’s the kind that ends in divorce or discontent if drawn out past its prime. There is hope for people who took a leap for that kind of love: it’s changing it into this next form, addiction. Addiction is dangerous when there are pieces missing. When you’re addicted you need extra energy to escape from your life. You need to consciously regulate your life, but even then, the love is still there waiting and pulling you back in.

You need to grow, so love of the first kind is useful, but when you’re done growing, you’ll find someone who you can get addicted to, and hopefully that person will be fully grown too. If they aren’t, then you’ve found another thing that you lost from your life, and you can spend the rest of your life looking for that again. When you find it, it’s first degree love, but not only that, it’s second degree love as well. So when you love, you really only have control of how much you’re willing to let go.