I’ve finally gotten a great idea that really works for me. Normally I don’t finish the books I write. It’s just no fun sometimes. For me, the world doesn’t register a whole lot. I don’t really need my brain to understand things. I’m not really thinking when I go through the day. I don’t have to think about where I am or where I’m going. I don’t even need to see where I’m going. M

“Go to college. Get a Job. Do your homework.” But these things really haven’t been getting me anywhere. They are social capital, but when have any ideas that weren’t completely thought out helped people in a real way? I could think and analyze how to get a job, I could do my Hw and get all As, I could go to college for a degree in something practical, but in the end, the moment of truth, the proving point, crunch time, when that happens, if I’m not completely inspired to succeed, all that work will be for nothing.

Normally, when I start a book, I get a great idea, but the idea I get is empty, and with it, I can’t make any decisions from it. The more success I have comes when i can split it up into complete parts that I can finish in one sitting and whatever comes next can be anything as long as it fits into the big picture that I create, usually for the more successful pieces, at the project’s beginning.

This time is different. I’ve finally understood how words work. With this in mind I can do more than just write a book with a great story: I can write a virtual reality program; so, books will be more than just a quite thing you do by yourself and escape from the world. Books can be video games, but unlimited video games.

My book idea is to include the words necessary to put people in the frame of mind necessary to activate programs later, either for work or for play (something that is quite possible with my map, something I also use to create the brain booster exercises). After that, the rest is up to you. This is the first virtual reality system, well. . . it’s already existed, but no one’s been able to use it in this way. The same thing kind of happened with physics and Sir Isaac Newton. Aristotle described things falling to “year to be with the Earth”, but it wasn’t until Newton Questioned if the moon falls too, and created calculus to describe gravity, and analyzed the variables necessary to accurately calculate its trajectory, could we understand what it really was. Aristotle got the big picture right. It was an attraction, but Newton understood what caused the attraction, Mass. We can now send people to the moon and back and calculate the landing within minutes, and build giant building that seem to defy gravity. These things have function on principles that have always existed, but it took thousands of years for anyone to understand what caused it, and it will be even longer to figure out how to control it.

My book idea is missing something. What’s a video game station (your mind) without some games to play with? So submit some ideas, topics, characters, and even some programs like calculators, or news feeds, or social media. Everything is possible. If you can imagine it, then it’s possible, because for it to be possible you have to be able to imagine it. As for making it work, the Zedu map solves that problem.

So submit your ideas in the comments and share this with your friends. If i get enough people reading and commenting, publishers will be crazy to reject the book. So hlep my create this and I’ll give credit to you for your help.