I’ve been putting it off for way to long: it’s time to explain the map. Zedu, the nearly nonsense word I made up because the word “consciousness” or “thought” isn’t clear in people’s minds. Sure, there are definitions for these words, but that’s exactly the problem. For example, define the word “lucrative”. You know where to use it, you can understand how you feel about it, but when you have to define it, you ramble off something that shows you know what the word means. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you knew the word meant profitable, or yielding, but for the most part, people are not thinking about the definition of every word they come across, even when the definition of the word is important. The ego gets in the way, and it something that develops greatly in the united states because the questions we learn to ask contribute solid ideas to who we are instead of who we can become, and even when we become what we wanted, we don’t update the definition.

These little brain faux pas result thanks to early training and conditioning that was never corrected. The situation takes time to correct, but in that method, the instructors continue to badger the students until they learn. I was just at a class this morning and the very thing happened today, and it also happened all throughout my compulsory education. The biggest thing I notice comes from grade school instructions, “Use the question in your answer”.


What is the most common speech pattern that comes from elementary education?
The most common speech pattern that comes from elementary education is repeating the question in the answer.

However, when the thing refered to is not a noun. “The biggest thing i notice is that . . . grade school instruction leads to people saying things with introductory elements while they think of the next part.” It doesn’t sound all that bad, and it reads well; but, people use it as a crutch while they “think”. They aren’t really thinking. It’s not even enough time to think of a more appropriate answer and limits development to think like this. By thinking like this, solutions are not clear and the two parts of the sentence are stored as separate pieces.

The brain is relatively easy to understand, and unlike the rest of the body, the brain is much easier to train. So over the course of the next several weeks I’m going to post new exercises that put you in a different frame of mind. Drugs do the same thing. But if you consider that drugs replace the production creating an artificial increase, this method allows you to achieve the same effects as drugs without hurting your body, and without having to wait for the drug to work its way out of your system, and you can reach new heights every time because this stimulates new neurons.

Tune in every Wednesday for a new excersize.