My father likes to think he’s traditional. He works hard, comes home, goes to sleep, and goes to work the next day. He likes what he is working on, but he hates the job he’s at. He hardly talks to my mother, and she’s often afraid to tell him things. Up until now, this blog has been abstract and probably a little bit strange to you. But I live a normal life just as you do. I do things that, if you followed me around, would make you realize, “Hey, this guy’s just an average guy. He’s not so strange. He’s sort of like me.”

Today, I’m still “unemployed”, and I’m looking for a job. Not very hard, because I work smarter not harder, but I’m still working on finding a job to help pay for school. I’m 18, and I surprise people when I reveal my thoughts on something. I’m a writer by nature, and I’ve learned the trade well, but the way my mind works helps me get unstuck. I’m a writer, but not once have I gotten writers block.

My dad on the other hand, is more “qualified” to work than I am. He’s worked all his life. He’s a good worker, and he keeps his life in order. On paper, he’s a great employee except for the mistake he makes on his resume that makes him over qualified. In an interview he’s learned to be straight to the point, like a newspaper headline.

The problems I had growing up came from the way my parents raised me. It is important not to blame them. This way I can move on and fix the problem, so I don’t blame my parents for their shortcomings, which they passed on to me and also my brother, but he’s a special case. Because my dad didn’t see the value in making friends nor did he have any friends, it took me right up to spring of my senior year before I learned to socialize. By that time, all the people I knew that could have gotten me a job had left for college to start the next phase in life. They stressed good grades over good friends. I had problems with both because you need good friends to take your mind off of things, to simplify your life every once in a while and to give you inspiration for future projects.

While my friends were way farther off starting their lives i was already more qualified to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do even if they were “qualified”. Today, I went down to the job center. They provide computers and internet and copiers to help people find a job. I was there to attend my orientation to a program they offer that gets unemployed professionals together to network. They have a 15% success rate, meaning that 15% of their members find jobs when they were previously unemployed. Even though I had never had a job, I had never submitted a résumé, I didn’t have the friends to network and help me find an entry-level job, I didn’t have a degree, I didn’t have certification, I was more able to produce results that these people at least twice my age, still were unable to figure out. They had everything I didn’t and yet they were unemployed.

What’s my secret? I have a map. It takes me the extent of a single problem to figure out exactly where I am, and where I should be. This is Zedu. They struggled to conform to the standards, to produce things that Job listers would like to hear. The moment I encountered my first problem, I knew I was two far in to the right side of my brain, where everything is flowing and connected, but flowing and connected is not what they’re looking for. I have the tools, acquired from exploring Zedu, I have the Cru, something I never thought I could reach, and now I’m on my way up from a working class family, to a millionaire life-style. You can join me if you sow the seed.Germinate