On Zedu, there are many different patterns. Begin with unity, then progress using groups of primes: three, five, seven, thirteen, nineteen, twenty-three. I live within the pentagon the five Zedu relating to the senses creates. I call this Roma. Within it, there is a natural safe space that most people live in. I have no landmarks to refer to, but as I explore, I will find these landmarks that every person can see with their own eyes. Outside of this safe place, the sane are few and scarce. As you progress outside of this safe place, “Mora” I call it, the thoughts grow more demanding. As you progress your thoughts down toward absolute silence, Ja’al, if you do not maintain your attention, your grasp on what exists, you will drown in a sea of visions. Should you travel away from Ja’al past the Ladva that marks the boundary between Mora and Krea, thoughts are much more powerful. If you do not use them wisely, they will destroy you.

I have never left my home in Mora. It means “security” in Zedu. “My attention is not strong enough” my subconscious would tell me if I worked my toward Ja’al, “the eternal-silence”. The reason I cannot get a job, cannot leave my home, cannot find friends that understand me and help me is simple: I do not have “The Mental Influence”, Cru. To get Cru, I would have to start an expedition into Crua, a place that makes legends, the place that all legends are made. The terrors are hardly worth the risk. The only way to ward of these terrors, these insurmountable thoughts, is to obtain Cru. It is a veritable Catch-22, but if I can get it, I can retain my protocol despite threats to my desire, my morality, my ethics — to my attention. It’s scary but I think I can do it.