so I’m going along, I’m having a good time, and I realize something
I’m on a spectrum. Sure I’ve known this for a long time, in fact, Zedu is based on this. But when you think of this spectrum, many people just assume that we’re in the matrix right? That this is all just a dream. But think about what that would mean for a bit.

if this was just a dream, there would be no consequences, no actual creation. There would be so little “reality” that no one could believe where they were and what they were doing. When I thought about Krea, i realized that there were people who live in this world all the time. They believe that nothing is true, that there are no consequences and do whatever they want. I live in Mora. My thoughts have consequences, but I’m so aware that there are infinite possibilities that i just can’t make anything happen new, at least consistently anyway.

When i started my journey to find Cru, I knew that people living within Crua don’t need to be all that smart to make things happen. I know at some level everyone reading this has thought about how people can be so lucky, to get everything in the world, and somehow it just doesn’t matter to them. This is the nature of Cru. If you live in Crua long enough, you’ll start to create your reality because your thoughts are imposing enough to change things. You don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to be kind, but what I know you have to be to survive forever in Crua is aware. If you are not aware that Cru causes you to create what you think, and you continue to think something but don’t realize it, and you see things, or experience things like mean people, or pain, or sickness, and you expect it to change but don’t change your thoughts, Cru will only create more and more dis-ease.