I’m here at my computer. This blog is something I thought that I’d never do, but as I’m getting older (18 years old), I’m starting to realize all the problems with the world. With the exception of supernatural events ignoring how intertwined our minds are with the parts of the universe that create supernatural events, humans are the cause of all that is wrong with the world (or at least all that makes my life less livable as i get older).

I didn’t vote, I’m living with my parents, and I’m unemployed but intelligent. I’ve realized all that’s missing is people. People are the cause of my damnation, they are then my salvation — which brings me to why I’m here, writing this. The more my pain and suffering increases, the more my biology urges me to scream so my assailants know their own evil. To see the evil is to destroy it.

The TowerI speak, and i write, but without a cause, without the knowledge that i am not alone (even if there is no one there holding me up as i take my first steps) I would be nothing: I would fail. This wizard seed is my guiding light, my purpose — my protocol. I’ve invented a system of immeasurable power and control: it is the power to create kings; but, such power, left in the hands of one individual, would cause it to destroy itself. Only protocol, continuously renewed in the mind (so that it’s entirety causes every action to work in regards to the protocol so that it may be modified when needed) is void of corruption.

The moment that you forget your protocol, which you originally designed to satisfy your every desire, is the moment the world forgets you.

This is The Wizard Seed.