The Word Zedu means consciousness, but it also the name for subsequent language that results as well as the culture and special skills that develop in and between people who think within it. Think of Zedu like a kingdom, but the times that kingdoms needed physical land have grown quiet in our minds. We serve instead identities and habits that are harnessed by our lords, and if we have no lords, then we are either in denile or have tapped into our ability to “pack up and move” from kingdom to kingdom.

The word Zedu is completely new in the way that I’m using it. I may not be the first to use the sounds Zee and Doo, but I draw my inspiration from my own experience for this word. Unlike the words chakra or prana, or aether, this word has no derivation from another culture. It may sound like words in other languages, but i did not have those words in mind when I created this one. Furthermore, assuming that when there are similarities in pronunciation and meaning, a high correlation, indicates that the subconscious considers these sounds similarly to denote the same idea is too much of an assumption. It is true that the subconscious applies texture to things like larger thoughts and we perceive them like feelings within an event (a thought is an event), it is very hard to analyze all the data to know exactly what subconscious patterns create for every single person.

I Explain in such detail the current limitation in assumption and possible fallacy because people can miss things and forget their protocol. It is important to retain the informational integrity and the original protocol in people with a lower sensory integrity, to explain where they should and shouldn’t look until we have the time to inspire them to think differently, to think more effectively.

I’ve uncovered the secrets of perspective and the powers they bring, but Zedu is more than just consciousness: it is everything. It is the world, it is the path, it is everything you can see, think, and feel. It is the world we can explore. This marks the day that the frontier opens up again. There is no limit to how much space we can have. There will never be to many people living on the frontiers of Zedu. Zedu is our kingdom, and we all fill it up, but there are also many places we have yet to go.

Zedu (Be conscious/ “may the force be with you”/ Love)