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So a few days ago, I wrote about a waitress at my favorite restaurant, How she thought I was crazy and how I turned it all around. Well, the techniques that went into that story are real techniques used by effective communicators and good story tellers to enchant an audience. The story I wrote isn’t real, but it was as real as if I was there.

I am a taurus, and I do like to eat at the same place every day, but I haven’t been out to a restaurant in weeks. Everyday I usually have just a plain salame sandwich. Maybe I’ll have some nacho chips with a bit of salsa, maybe a little mozzarella cheese now and again.

I didn’t lie about meeting up with a girl on thursday though!

I get to hang out with a girl that I wished for way back. She’s perfect, and she has room to improve, everything I asked for, and there’s room to throw in new things that I imagine. The thing is, she’s afraid for the most part. She’s nice, and shapely, and beautiful, but she doesn’t see that. Only once in a while does she let go and say something daring. When she does, it triggers something in my brain that makes me realize how amazing she is. This is why they say beauty is on the inside, why they say that it is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is inside the person that is watching, and is only possible with memory and expectation.

When you lose something, it suddenly becomes so much more wonderful, so much more important to hold on to when you find it again. This is a mirror into who you are, well, more of who you were, but when you find what you’ve lost, the more time you spend with it, the more it heals the missing piece of your heart. This is where you find love, and when it’s healed it loses its magic, and you can move on.

The really interesting thing is there are two kinds of love. The healing love you’ve seen already. It’s the kind that people jump right into and realize that the love isn’t as strong. It’s the kind that ends in divorce or discontent if drawn out past its prime. There is hope for people who took a leap for that kind of love: it’s changing it into this next form, addiction. Addiction is dangerous when there are pieces missing. When you’re addicted you need extra energy to escape from your life. You need to consciously regulate your life, but even then, the love is still there waiting and pulling you back in.

You need to grow, so love of the first kind is useful, but when you’re done growing, you’ll find someone who you can get addicted to, and hopefully that person will be fully grown too. If they aren’t, then you’ve found another thing that you lost from your life, and you can spend the rest of your life looking for that again. When you find it, it’s first degree love, but not only that, it’s second degree love as well. So when you love, you really only have control of how much you’re willing to let go.


New Book: Mastering Reality

I’ve finally gotten a great idea that really works for me. Normally I don’t finish the books I write. It’s just no fun sometimes. For me, the world doesn’t register a whole lot. I don’t really need my brain to understand things. I’m not really thinking when I go through the day. I don’t have to think about where I am or where I’m going. I don’t even need to see where I’m going. M

“Go to college. Get a Job. Do your homework.” But these things really haven’t been getting me anywhere. They are social capital, but when have any ideas that weren’t completely thought out helped people in a real way? I could think and analyze how to get a job, I could do my Hw and get all As, I could go to college for a degree in something practical, but in the end, the moment of truth, the proving point, crunch time, when that happens, if I’m not completely inspired to succeed, all that work will be for nothing.
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Exercise #1
This one will help you in finding a job or fitting a profile for yourself. The power the brain holds allows you to move your perspective across a spectrum to generate different results. Visualization is something you already do. The nature of an untrained mind is quiet and hazy. If you want to be stronger, visualization is the way to go. Get your brain in gear, increase your “vitality”, and then you can do anything you set your mind to.
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Part 1

This Short little waitress looked at me like I was crazy. Not a good start if i was going to get her number. For those of you who do this for fun, you’ll know that bad first impressions can be something a good conversationalist can use to his advantage, but it’s a tricky business. You can’t say too much, or you will look like you’re trying too hard. Imagine a girl as crazy as you can make her. What would she say to you? Probably the same things I said to the sexy new waitress.
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I’ve been putting it off for way to long: it’s time to explain the map. Zedu, the nearly nonsense word I made up because the word “consciousness” or “thought” isn’t clear in people’s minds. Sure, there are definitions for these words, but that’s exactly the problem. For example, define the word “lucrative”. You know where to use it, you can understand how you feel about it, but when you have to define it, you ramble off something that shows you know what the word means. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you knew the word meant profitable, or yielding, but for the most part, people are not thinking about the definition of every word they come across, even when the definition of the word is important. The ego gets in the way, and it something that develops greatly in the united states because the questions we learn to ask contribute solid ideas to who we are instead of who we can become, and even when we become what we wanted, we don’t update the definition.

These little brain faux pas result thanks to early training and conditioning that was never corrected. The situation takes time to correct, but in that method, the instructors continue to badger the students until they learn. I was just at a class this morning and the very thing happened today, and it also happened all throughout my compulsory education. The biggest thing I notice comes from grade school instructions, “Use the question in your answer”.


What is the most common speech pattern that comes from elementary education?
The most common speech pattern that comes from elementary education is repeating the question in the answer.

However, when the thing refered to is not a noun. “The biggest thing i notice is that . . . grade school instruction leads to people saying things with introductory elements while they think of the next part.” It doesn’t sound all that bad, and it reads well; but, people use it as a crutch while they “think”. They aren’t really thinking. It’s not even enough time to think of a more appropriate answer and limits development to think like this. By thinking like this, solutions are not clear and the two parts of the sentence are stored as separate pieces.

The brain is relatively easy to understand, and unlike the rest of the body, the brain is much easier to train. So over the course of the next several weeks I’m going to post new exercises that put you in a different frame of mind. Drugs do the same thing. But if you consider that drugs replace the production creating an artificial increase, this method allows you to achieve the same effects as drugs without hurting your body, and without having to wait for the drug to work its way out of your system, and you can reach new heights every time because this stimulates new neurons.

Tune in every Wednesday for a new excersize.

I’m a typical taurus. I like to eat, and I like to eat. There is this restaurant that I love to go to. I sit in the same seat when I can, and order the same meal, the biggest most amazing thing on the menu (another taurus thing, we relish decadence).

So I’m sitting in my usual seat, and my usual waiter didn’t greet me like he usually does. I thought it was odd, that I didn’t have my burger within a few minutes of sitting down. They know me, they know what I like, they usually have it waiting. Craig probably does it for the extra tip I give him for doing it, but I’m looking around and he’s nowhere to be found.

after a few minutes a new girl I’ve never seen before comes up and gives me the speech they give to new customers. Her name is Alice. She’s nice. Kinda short for my taste, but she’s hot. Now what was a hot girl doing serving me food? I know it’s her job and all, but it’s Craig’s job too!

I pick up my menu so i can avoid direct eye contact, and looking down at my menu, I saw in a smooth administrative voice, “Where’s Craig.”

“Who?” She looks at me like I’m off the deep end. (I probably am. I’ve looked at the pictures scientists have studied on artists exposed to LSD, and I think in very similar patterns.

“The guy that usually serves this section.”
“Oh, He quit.”

I was outraged but kept my composure.
“Fine, my usual order is the ridiculously big cheeseburger that probably will give me heart attacks if I keep eating them at this rate. You know the one I’m talking about?”

“Yes sir I do.”

Long story short, we’re getting lunch together on thursday. How did I pull that off? Check back tomorrow for the whole seduction.

Finding Work In a Growing Economy

My father likes to think he’s traditional. He works hard, comes home, goes to sleep, and goes to work the next day. He likes what he is working on, but he hates the job he’s at. He hardly talks to my mother, and she’s often afraid to tell him things. Up until now, this blog has been abstract and probably a little bit strange to you. But I live a normal life just as you do. I do things that, if you followed me around, would make you realize, “Hey, this guy’s just an average guy. He’s not so strange. He’s sort of like me.”

Today, I’m still “unemployed”, and I’m looking for a job. Not very hard, because I work smarter not harder, but I’m still working on finding a job to help pay for school. I’m 18, and I surprise people when I reveal my thoughts on something. I’m a writer by nature, and I’ve learned the trade well, but the way my mind works helps me get unstuck. I’m a writer, but not once have I gotten writers block.

My dad on the other hand, is more “qualified” to work than I am. He’s worked all his life. He’s a good worker, and he keeps his life in order. On paper, he’s a great employee except for the mistake he makes on his resume that makes him over qualified. In an interview he’s learned to be straight to the point, like a newspaper headline.

The problems I had growing up came from the way my parents raised me. It is important not to blame them. This way I can move on and fix the problem, so I don’t blame my parents for their shortcomings, which they passed on to me and also my brother, but he’s a special case. Because my dad didn’t see the value in making friends nor did he have any friends, it took me right up to spring of my senior year before I learned to socialize. By that time, all the people I knew that could have gotten me a job had left for college to start the next phase in life. They stressed good grades over good friends. I had problems with both because you need good friends to take your mind off of things, to simplify your life every once in a while and to give you inspiration for future projects.

While my friends were way farther off starting their lives i was already more qualified to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do even if they were “qualified”. Today, I went down to the job center. They provide computers and internet and copiers to help people find a job. I was there to attend my orientation to a program they offer that gets unemployed professionals together to network. They have a 15% success rate, meaning that 15% of their members find jobs when they were previously unemployed. Even though I had never had a job, I had never submitted a résumé, I didn’t have the friends to network and help me find an entry-level job, I didn’t have a degree, I didn’t have certification, I was more able to produce results that these people at least twice my age, still were unable to figure out. They had everything I didn’t and yet they were unemployed.

What’s my secret? I have a map. It takes me the extent of a single problem to figure out exactly where I am, and where I should be. This is Zedu. They struggled to conform to the standards, to produce things that Job listers would like to hear. The moment I encountered my first problem, I knew I was two far in to the right side of my brain, where everything is flowing and connected, but flowing and connected is not what they’re looking for. I have the tools, acquired from exploring Zedu, I have the Cru, something I never thought I could reach, and now I’m on my way up from a working class family, to a millionaire life-style. You can join me if you sow the seed.Germinate

Not Just the Matrix

so I’m going along, I’m having a good time, and I realize something
I’m on a spectrum. Sure I’ve known this for a long time, in fact, Zedu is based on this. But when you think of this spectrum, many people just assume that we’re in the matrix right? That this is all just a dream. But think about what that would mean for a bit.

if this was just a dream, there would be no consequences, no actual creation. There would be so little “reality” that no one could believe where they were and what they were doing. When I thought about Krea, i realized that there were people who live in this world all the time. They believe that nothing is true, that there are no consequences and do whatever they want. I live in Mora. My thoughts have consequences, but I’m so aware that there are infinite possibilities that i just can’t make anything happen new, at least consistently anyway.

When i started my journey to find Cru, I knew that people living within Crua don’t need to be all that smart to make things happen. I know at some level everyone reading this has thought about how people can be so lucky, to get everything in the world, and somehow it just doesn’t matter to them. This is the nature of Cru. If you live in Crua long enough, you’ll start to create your reality because your thoughts are imposing enough to change things. You don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to be kind, but what I know you have to be to survive forever in Crua is aware. If you are not aware that Cru causes you to create what you think, and you continue to think something but don’t realize it, and you see things, or experience things like mean people, or pain, or sickness, and you expect it to change but don’t change your thoughts, Cru will only create more and more dis-ease.

On Zedu, there are many different patterns. Begin with unity, then progress using groups of primes: three, five, seven, thirteen, nineteen, twenty-three. I live within the pentagon the five Zedu relating to the senses creates. I call this Roma. Within it, there is a natural safe space that most people live in. I have no landmarks to refer to, but as I explore, I will find these landmarks that every person can see with their own eyes. Outside of this safe place, the sane are few and scarce. As you progress outside of this safe place, “Mora” I call it, the thoughts grow more demanding. As you progress your thoughts down toward absolute silence, Ja’al, if you do not maintain your attention, your grasp on what exists, you will drown in a sea of visions. Should you travel away from Ja’al past the Ladva that marks the boundary between Mora and Krea, thoughts are much more powerful. If you do not use them wisely, they will destroy you.

I have never left my home in Mora. It means “security” in Zedu. “My attention is not strong enough” my subconscious would tell me if I worked my toward Ja’al, “the eternal-silence”. The reason I cannot get a job, cannot leave my home, cannot find friends that understand me and help me is simple: I do not have “The Mental Influence”, Cru. To get Cru, I would have to start an expedition into Crua, a place that makes legends, the place that all legends are made. The terrors are hardly worth the risk. The only way to ward of these terrors, these insurmountable thoughts, is to obtain Cru. It is a veritable Catch-22, but if I can get it, I can retain my protocol despite threats to my desire, my morality, my ethics — to my attention. It’s scary but I think I can do it.

The New Wolrd: Zedu

The Word Zedu means consciousness, but it also the name for subsequent language that results as well as the culture and special skills that develop in and between people who think within it. Think of Zedu like a kingdom, but the times that kingdoms needed physical land have grown quiet in our minds. We serve instead identities and habits that are harnessed by our lords, and if we have no lords, then we are either in denile or have tapped into our ability to “pack up and move” from kingdom to kingdom.

The word Zedu is completely new in the way that I’m using it. I may not be the first to use the sounds Zee and Doo, but I draw my inspiration from my own experience for this word. Unlike the words chakra or prana, or aether, this word has no derivation from another culture. It may sound like words in other languages, but i did not have those words in mind when I created this one. Furthermore, assuming that when there are similarities in pronunciation and meaning, a high correlation, indicates that the subconscious considers these sounds similarly to denote the same idea is too much of an assumption. It is true that the subconscious applies texture to things like larger thoughts and we perceive them like feelings within an event (a thought is an event), it is very hard to analyze all the data to know exactly what subconscious patterns create for every single person.

I Explain in such detail the current limitation in assumption and possible fallacy because people can miss things and forget their protocol. It is important to retain the informational integrity and the original protocol in people with a lower sensory integrity, to explain where they should and shouldn’t look until we have the time to inspire them to think differently, to think more effectively.

I’ve uncovered the secrets of perspective and the powers they bring, but Zedu is more than just consciousness: it is everything. It is the world, it is the path, it is everything you can see, think, and feel. It is the world we can explore. This marks the day that the frontier opens up again. There is no limit to how much space we can have. There will never be to many people living on the frontiers of Zedu. Zedu is our kingdom, and we all fill it up, but there are also many places we have yet to go.

Zedu (Be conscious/ “may the force be with you”/ Love)